Lady In Red: Pour Une Femme by Caron (2001)

Lady in Red, is dancing with me.

I’ve never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight.

Never seen you shine so bright….

A made-up, quintessentially vermillion ‘date perfume’ for night time and silk, this beauty by my side has the hairdo of Jennifer Rush and smells indelible, typical; I move my head slightly back.

However, as the candles flicker, our wrists flick glinting champagne glasses, and we sway and smooch to Luther Vandross, the intensity of her opening gambits fades, and the heart of her fragrance is slowly and gradually revealed – an intense, seductress sweet rose and spiced frankincense/benzoin accord that goes quite beautifully with her gown.

Image Image Image Image     I will never forget the way you looked tonight.


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3 responses to “Lady In Red: Pour Une Femme by Caron (2001)

  1. ninakane1

    Laayydee in redddd, is danzing with me, chik to chik…..

  2. brie

    Merci beaucoup for the dollop of nostalgia with my cardamom sage tea this morning! That song will forever be branded in my brain with direct association to a romantic young man who bought me copious amounts of classic perfumes (Chloe, no 22, Coco, First……..)
    “I hardly know this beauty by my side……”

    And,Lord, do I feel old! I was 19 or 20 when that song got tremendous airplay in the States.

    And Pour Une Femme sounds lovely on the drydown…rose and frankincense…mmmmm!

    • ginzaintherain

      It is….but it came out at least a decade too late…so RED, seriously!

      I despised the song with all my heart at the time – I H A AAAAAAAAA…AAAAA A a a AAtttttt ed it –

      but right now I feel ambivalent. It is just so damn nostalgic, and this perfume really did feel like dancing, as Nina says, chik to chik, and caressing that silky waist

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