Recently Birgit at Olfactoria published a post congratulating herself on finally finishing a whole bottle of perfume. When I read it I didn’t know whether to laugh or blush…

Yesterday, upon the orders of Duncan, and because we have the time now that we are in the spring holidays ( I am a slob of unbelievable levels, and he is a tidy Virgoan ) I had to dust, reorder and make more presentable the perfume cabinets, a task that took me a whole afternoon, but which yielded some treasures I had forgotten I had, and some I had no idea I owned in the first place. We also nailed them to the walls to prevent the possible calamity I described in my Killed By Perfume article, so hopefully now if there is a Richter 9 earthquake the perfumes may rattle about and spill but at least they won’t be the source of our demise.

While going through whatever was there, and trying to put it all in some semblance of order or taxonomy, I also threw out whatever ’empties’ were malingering at the back of the closets, or in long neglected drawers: they constituted a whole bag of bottles that will have to go out with the glass next Tuesday. What the neighbours will think I can’t imagine.

The shame, the decadence…


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28 responses to “GOLDMINE TRASH

  1. brie

    first off- PLEASE keep that empty no 19 perfume bottle with the beautiful stopper (even if to mail to me if you don’t want it!).
    Secondly, I am laughing at your comment”what will the neighbors think” as I believe I told you the time hubby wanted me to get rid of my empties (about 300 of them) and I just kept filling up that recycling bin with perfume bottles saying to myself, “what will the carting company workers be thinking?”
    I am glad that you have fixed that murderous cabinet and I hope that you have uncovered many more hidden treasures to write about (Metal,please?)

    • ginzaintherain

      You have read my mind. I am Metal obsessed at the moment, and have made you a decant of a delicious vintage. Review coming soonish.

      Do you really want the empty Chanel bottles? I have got through so many of them you wouldn’t believe it. And parfum, too. I think this one is a 28ml.

      • brie

        You darling man! Love you….I have not smelled Metal in probably 30 years! (and we do seem to have this telepathy thing going on lately!).

        The Chanel bottles I want are the small ones that house 1/4 to 1/2 ounce of perfume ( I believe that would be 14 and 28 ml- my American mind thinks in ounces!) as they have a wide opening and are wonderful vessels for my essential oil blends (“Ginza in the Rain” will soon be coming to you as soon as I get my hands on some more California Star Jasmine which might be today).

        and happy spring to you and Duncan!

      • ginzaintherain

        I will see what I can do!

  2. Farewell little Elixir bottle. You have travelled well.

    • ginzaintherain

      No! This was one of my own regular Hypnotics ( I have got through two bottles of it myself over the years…. )

      Your lovely Elixir bottle is in pride of place in the cabinet’s new Red section…. X

      • Ah, I had a whole story going on there. I could see the little red bottle bravely heading for the tip like a little glass soldier, his scent spent. Ending his days on a Japanese rubbish dump among the brambles and rusty tin cans, the setting sun glinting off his rouge rotundity. He had travelled so far – Hungary, Berlin, the deepest recesses of grim Yorkshire (my bedroom), all the way to happy Nippon. I quite liked the pathos of it actually. BUT if he is still on your shelf, basked in warmth with other little red friends – (Elizabeth Taylor Rubies?) so much the better. I am glad xx

      • Indeed, near to dear Elizabeth…..x

      • Taylor. Arden never did it for me.

      • ninakane1

        oh thank God! No, that red door bottle is strangely like holding a slippery brick. And the perfume gives me a headache right in the centre of my forehead. YSL Cinema has the same effect. I can’t take to it. Well, my inner vision is satisfied that Elixir rests with the dame. Praise be! I will retire to my slumbers a happy (Easter) bunny. xx

    • So, I am fascinated by the two of you talking about Elizabeth Taylor perfumes. Yesterday, for reasons I couldn’t explain under oath, I blind-ordered a mini of Black Pearls just because I was suddenly entranced by the name. Can you tell me what to expect? Or can you tell me why I did this?

      • Katy

        Dear Feraljasmine, you have not erred, Black Pearls is a wonderful peachy and apricot leather that smells like you paid quite a bit more for it then you did. I am always hunting for older bottles of this underrated gem….

      • Lordy peachy and apricot leather sounds like heaven. I actually really like Diamonds and Rubies, horrendously gay as it sounds.

  3. This makes me anxious, in a hoarding sort of way, that one day I will actually use up some of my precious FBs, and how will I ever replace things like original, real Organza Indecence? But I like to spray lavishly when I use my treasures, so I can only hope that some brilliant niche perfumer will ale something I like even better.

    • Sorry, should say “will make something.” Why was my autocorrect thinking about ale at this hour of the morning?

      • ginzaintherain

        I don’t know, but I’ll have one with you if you like.

        And I do know what you mean: some of my precious ones I have felt the same way about, like Vol De Nuit parfum and others, but like yourself I also love to spray with abandon; others get shared, spilled, broken, worn in horrific amounts, used on curtains, clothes, on my piano music, on the walls like the ancients, and eventually it all gets used up. Gone. Penniless. But I do really love the bacchanalia of it all. I once used up a fifth of a new bottle of Lutens Cedre because the top notes had me in a catnip frenzy of lust. I kept dipping my pyjama belt strings in the bottle, splashing it everywhere and going google- eyed with pleasure. Ridiculous, stupid, but I love it.

      • Wow, that sounds truly wonderful. It gives me a whole new image for the perfume bacchanalia, and also makes me realize that as much as I love many SLs, I’ve never tried Cedre. Will try, and who knows, I might fling a little into the air for pure joy.

  4. brie

    WHAT!!!! ON YOUR PIANO MUSIC!! Oh my goodness, I thought I was bad in gifting away some of my lovelies as soon as someone says they are madly in love…. I guess I can live vicariously through your frenzied joy!

  5. Dear Ginza
    Perfume infused pyjama chords and piano music – surely it is the last days of Pompei with you.
    It’s always sad to let go of empties (I have even filled discontinued bottles with coloured liquid to evade detection at Dandy Mansions), but alas the time must come to let go.
    Heavy sigh.
    But is there no vintage retro scene that you could unleash them on?
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  6. ginzaintherain

    Dear Dandy

    It is true, I am afraid, but as you might know I lead a Jekyll and Hyde life. In the week I masquerade as a respectable teacher; relatively unscented – ‘Mr Chapman’, supposedly an English gentleman they seem to think (though my feral inner hooligan has become increasingly exposed…)

    At home though, yes, there are aspects of Pompeiian decay, not that I am particularly proud of it. It all started at seventeen when I bought Obsession For Men with the money my parents gave me for my A-level results, and which I bought in fluid body talc, talc, deodorant, the works, and I would just pour it over myself like molten gold. The seeds were set.

  7. I gasped, I laughed, I cried from hysterical laughing! Oh dear Neil! What a good pile you have collected for the recycling! I can’t say that I have had a similar experience with perfume, but after my last dinner party I threw out so many empty wine and liquor bottles, I think I scared my neighbors.

  8. Reblogged this on The Black Narcissus and commented:

    We have friends coming round for dinner tonight, and I have been instructed to order, dust and clean the perfume collection. I wonder what I will come across?

  9. Good heavens! So many empty bottles. I could not even tell you the last time I actually finished a bottle, it happens so rarely. I am always so amazed that others, who share this passion, finish anything off. I have so many scents, even after purging so many, that I just could not fathom finishing anything in the foreseeable future. But it is nice to see what empty bottles look like 😉
    The real hoot of this, for me, is that I could ( at a glance ) know exactly what empties you had, just by the bottles. That is when you know you are in too deep, just a quick glance and you are able to sing off the names of all the recyclables.
    Oh, and I also think Elizabeth Taylor scents are glorious; I have a beautiful 15 ml extrait of Passion which is just heavenly, pure vintage gold.

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