Party girl : LOU LOU by CACHAREL (1987)




… Because I am SERIOUSLY into this again at the moment.


Olivia, at least I know that you understand…..


The Black Narcissus



‘Pandora’s Box’, a silent film from 1929, stars Louise Brooks in the role of Lulu: a ravenous, naughty fille fatale who leads all those who fall for her irresistible charms to catastrophic ends. That is, until she herself tumbles into the greedy hands of one Jack The Ripper – and we all know what happens next.

This lithe, luscious character was supposedly the inspiration behind Cacharel’s oozy ’87 blockbuster, Loulou, a fragrance that made no effort whatsoever with restraint (some might say taste, either): a thick, gorgeous, but airless block of scent by the creator of Obsession – that other 80’s, giantesque sex kitten which it resembles like some exotic, Polynesian cousin.

On the right girl, however, (and strangely enough, on me), Loulou is simply one of the most instantly feel-good perfumed things that there is: fun, disinhibiting, and gleefully sexy.


The perfume’s addictive, shock-sweet main melody is…

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2 responses to “Party girl : LOU LOU by CACHAREL (1987)

  1. I have a great big 100ml vintage LouLou tester on my vanity table. I love everything about it from the bottle to the fragrance. LouLou, is that you?
    Portia xx

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