A perfume from another world and time, En Avion was created in 1929 by Caron to celebrate the birth of flight.



This spiced, solitary cuir is an extremely interesting and unique perfume that doesn’t resort to cliché, a subtle evocation of an independent lady from that era, a flapper who has taken flying lessons, and goggles and hat firmly on, is ready to take to the skies.




You can almost smell the cool leather of the pilot seat as she climbs aboard, breath visible on this cold winter afternoon; the clocks and dials of the wooden lacquered dashboard.



A smooth, rich, light grey scent, dry and cool; the principle notes of leather and violet, carnation and a dark orange blossom combined irreverently with spices and old-fashioned oakmoss: perhaps a difficult scent to wear today – especially in vintage – unless you are blessed with the right be-damned-with-it panache.




If you can find a good batch of En Avion, though, with its elegant, piquant aridity, you will have the enticing possibility of wearing a scent that is taut, melancholic and beautifully strange.

















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12 responses to “TOUTE SEULE: EN AVION by CARON (1929)

  1. Dearest Ginza
    You have touched on one of The Dandy’s very most favourite scents and encapsulated in perfect concision.
    I know of practically no other perfume that captures the abstract concept of its name in its olfactory being.
    I get excited every time I wear it.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. Lilybelle

    I don’t think I’ve tried En Avion. I thought I had, but that was Alpona. (I get the names confused sometimes). I’m going to order a sample and save it for a day when I need something melancholic and strange.

  3. I loved my sample of En Avion — new formulation. Never tried the vintage, so I had no expectations or prejudices. Now I know that it’s a dry toilet spiced leather, thanks to this blog. 🙂

  4. *Violet not toilet! (Autocorrect. 😛 )

  5. Reblogged this on The Black Narcissus and commented:

    currently researching for a piece for ODOU magazine on my beloved Vol De Nuit and quite doused in this era of disappearance; danger, flights into the unknown. This is VdN’s sister perfume if you like, her predecessor.

  6. This is truly one of my favorite Caron scents. A true masterpiece of parfumerie. The leather is so subtle that even those who do not enjoy leather scents would be drawn to this.

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