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22 responses to “woozy

  1. That is awesome! Where did you find that?

  2. I adore the idea of narcotic white florals while dancing, rendering you anaesthetized, yet moving

  3. Duncan has made us two chameleon heads (hilarious); there is a multinational, pan-age panopoly of people coming, all in bright colours we hope; there will be double screens of lizards and chameleons and all the rest; a gorgeous and weirdy mixola of lush, tropical music, and as I write this I suddenly realize how excited I am!

  4. Perfume? Vintage Eau Du Soir. It’s all I can wear at the moment.
    I am seared in it.

  5. What an interesting concept. I was thinking dance party too.

  6. smellythoughts

    I love this 😀 ❤

  7. Dearest Ginza
    Yoko Ono.
    Only know, finally, receiving the adoration and admiration she has deserved for such a very long time.
    I once had a telephone conversation with her, I was in Edinburgh, she in New York.
    Even across a ocean and a crackling line her luminous dignity and intelligence were more than evident.
    Oh, and she is entirely innocent of that charge so often leveled at her of taking herself too seriously.
    Long may she spread sunshine.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

      • Indeed. It was part of an installation at the Fruitmarket Gallery during the Edinburgh Festival.
        Pick up a telephone in the gallery and she might (apparently never was) be on the other end, except this time she was.
        We chatted cheerily about not very much for about half an hour. Then I met her again at the opening of a show in a gallery in Hoxton and she gave me a few of her ‘stamp multiples’ the rubber stamps inscribed with ‘imagine peace’ and ‘smile’ that are the most useful art artefacts I could ever imagine owning.
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

      • Ah, Duncan used to work at the festival as well. We get closer.

  8. Lilybelle

    Here is my Yoko story, but it is attached to John. When I was a little girl I was walking in the Village (Greenwich Village in NYC) with my mother and her friend and the friend’s daughter, and we saw John Lennon and Yoko Ono duck into a coffee shop. My friend and I were fans of John Lennon, and our mothers allowed us to go in and say hello to them (they waited outside). Yoko and John were seated at a counter with their backs toward us. We tapped him on the back – very lightly – once. He ignored us. Then we tapped him again, and at that they both turned around to look at us, he in an attitude of irritation (understandably, having to live with this kind of thing) and she with this utterly sweet and patient expression on her face. When they saw we were children (not paparazzi or loonies) they smiled at us. We said, “Hello” and they said, “Hello” back, and then my friend and I got shy and were struck dumb. So we turned and left. Looking back, I would say that Yoko is someone who has/had lovely manners and attitude. I think she must have liked children because she smiled at us – a genuine smile, not a fake one – children can tell. I’ve always rather admired her. I had some big Yoko Ono sunglasses like hers once – those large black wrap ones that were like goggles. They didn’t suit me at all, but I liked them. I thought they were cool. Just thought I’d share my Yoko story. I hope the dancing is wonderful!

  9. Katherine

    Yay! 🙂

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