MOOD KILLER: : : : : HAPPY for men BY CLINIQUE (1999)

It’s a Wednesday after all.

The Black Narcissus












I had an interesting sensory experience with this.


I was at a New Year’s party, in a fantastic Barbican flat with great view over the London midnight fireworks.


The hosts had cooked a wonderful roast venison, and the air was replete with the warm, woozy smells of the Christmas period and the first few guests intermingling over wine.









And then the host’s daughter walked in and sucked the life from the room.









At first, I didn’t notice the slow changes taking place as the fragrance spread, but then I realized that I was starting to feel depressed and that, like the aluminium flakes used to soak up raincloads, something was happening to the atmosphere: a dessicating, chemical dry-out that sapped all the colours…

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4 responses to “MOOD KILLER: : : : : HAPPY for men BY CLINIQUE (1999)

  1. Marina

    Made me laugh and feel pretentious. Poor thing didn’t know any better and maybe it was her sweethearts scent?

    • No, she loved it and had selected it herself. I don’t imagine it would have smelled much better on a bloke, but on her it was just so artificial, and she had just had a shower and doused it on before coming out and meeting her gay dads’ friends..

  2. Marina

    I adored their Wrappings. Can’t find it anywhere now.

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