The brilliant, gloriously fun new Lady Gaga album, Artpop, is a magnificent, brain-mangling opus so infernally catchy, that when I am not dancing like a dervish around the kitchen or up and down the stairs, my head is so gloriously full to the bursting with hooks, synth bursts and choruses that I can’t even think straight let alone sit down and write about perfume


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7 responses to “D A M A G E

  1. I live for the accord, accord
    I live for the accord, chord chord

    I know you do too.
    I just posted a music post and that Bonkers Vanessa is about to.
    I think Gaga’s makeup is very clever. A Pop Art painting.

  2. I quite like that Britney song you posted, but like Gaga’s character in the upcoming Machete Kills, she simply leaves Spears bleeding in the dust

  3. efemmeral

    dance music is perfect for manic/a.d.d. moments, can bring them on too! – currently I’m running about busting moves to this funktastic mix http://m.soundcloud.com/jd-samson/your-disco-dick-is-sucking-my
    and I’m as deliciously scatty as you describe yourself… and I just spilled vintage 22 parfum…

  4. efemmeral

    heeheehee enjoy 🙂

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