but my computer is broken and I am trying to write this on my iPhone and I can tell you, with the devil incarnate that is autocorrect, plus my aubergine fingers, that writing is NO fun ( this I literally my eighth attempt). 


the perfume, just deliciously arrived in my postbox: immediately, for me, knee weakening. not gardenia, as in gardenia, but plumeria; tiare: a tropical, moist, neptunian, sultry white witch emerging, hair slicked to shoulders, from the sea. sweet Italian bubble bath honey. cuir: but fresh.tango’s eminently wearable younger sister, unencumbered


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  1. Personally, easily my favourite Aftelier on instant skin impact. This perfumer’s work always fascinates me without fail but this new one is a Neil scent; I already exist within it. My memories.

  2. Tora

    Even encumbered, you write beautifully.

  3. a very nice thing to say, thankyou.

  4. That sent me off to her website to buy samples. I had resolved not to buy any more all-naturals because of the generally very poor longevity that I get from them, but I will try once more, if there is a possibility of being a sultry white witch, even briefly.

  5. And I know what you mean about autocorrect, but I keep it turned on anyway because I am so beguiled by its substitutions. I do my patient notes on an electronic medical record system with autocorrect, and since I see a population with a lot of older males, I often document concerns about erectile dysfunction. Usually Autocorrect wants me to write about “textile dysfunction,” but sometimes corrects to “reptile dysfunction.” A kink in the lizard, or so Autocorrect believes. I have to proofread my notes carefully to make sure that Autocorrect hasn’t slipped something under my nose. Which, by the way, usually gets Autocorrected to hose. As in “He reports itching in his hose.”

    • Exquisite!

      Mine weren’t nearly as exciting. You would just have thought I had sustained head injuries or something.

      This gardenia is VERY sweet and comely, mellifluous and naughty, by the way; longetivity (long ivory it just wrote, quite nice) is not spectacular but there is a burst of jasmine grandiflora at the beginning along with the

      • Ooh, castoreum and sea goddesses…stop doing this to me! My surgery was brilliantly successful, but it seems that I am really sick of physical therapy and way overdue for some pure decadence. When I get my sample(please rush, Aftelier) I am going to coat myself in it and dance the dance of the White Flower Freak.

      • I hope you do: the knowledge of its naturalness, its oiliness, taken from the actual flowers, really adds to the exotic pleasures

  6. Martha

    Even a phone post from Ginza is satisfying. I am now curious about the Aftelier Cuir de Gardenia. I’ve sampled several of her fragrances, but was never won over completely. Like FeralJasmin, the poor long ivory, oops, poor longevity issue stops me from buying more than a sample from Aftelier. However, the offerings from this house are very attractively presented; the solid perfumes in the special silver boxes look beautiful and are quite tempting.

    • Well I am a white flower freak and I have this dripping on my left arm as we speak: unctuous yet zingy: alive . It is not a leather, as I think you need to add birch tar to the castor rum, make that castoreum ( F off autocorrect mthfckr !!!!! ) to get that effect: this smells like a sea goddess dipping her hair in jars of honey to me. resplendent; easier than many Afteliers, less psychologically dense ( she is the most psychically attuned of perfumers in my view). This one is more luscious, celebratory

  7. Lilybelle

    That sounds lovely, special. I hope your computer is fixed soon.

  8. “Sea goddess dipping her hair in jars of honey” is a very good and graphic description! I’m in love with Cuir de Gardenia as well, it’s simply one of the best, if not THE best, florals I’ve yet had the fortune to try out 🙂

  9. What a fantastic review Neil – your prose seems entirely unencumbered by any typing limitations! I find your writing incredibly potent, vibrant, evocative, and gorgeous, so thank you so much for your “all-thumbs” effort!

  10. Your aubergine fingers are like sea sirens….the songs they sing even on an iPhone are enchanting. This perfume sounds pretty darn enchanting as well.

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