deux parfums de bubblegum……. ENCENS ET BUBBLEGUM by ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE (2006) + BUBBLEGUM CHIC by HEELEY (2012)

The Black Narcissus

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Bubblegum is not a flavour that most people want to smell of consciously. Cheeky memories of teenage sass may resurface for a moment, but soon the stronger worries of cheapo and air head will take over, the strawbery novelty quickly bursting its own bubble.

Surprisingly though,  both of the perfumes I am writing about today (a gorgeous, sunny Sunday), are actually really nice – one fresh and white-floral extrovert, the other mysterious, tender…


Heeley’s grown up, fresh and piquant twang of tuberose and gardenia with citric, jasmine overtones is as bright as a button; falling somewhere between the full, medicinal wintergreen trumpeting of the classic tuberoses, and the modern brightness of by Kilian’s Beyond Love and the original Marc Jacobs (all of which of which I love and wear, incidentally).

While there is no blatant bubblegumness…

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