I am currently OBSESSED with white tropical flowers

The Black Narcissus








And there they were.




We walked into the flower-strewn lobby of the Hotel Tugu Malang. And to my utter delight, there, everywhere, was tuberose. An enormous arrangement of the flowers, right there in the centre. Tuberose in every room, potted. Tuberose placed delicately on plates alongside the delectable Javan afternoon delicacies in the second floor tea room ; a giant vase of the flowers on the landing upstairs gently warming and releasing its exquisite fragrance into the surrounding air, changing with the hours, subtlely, caressing, like warm breath on a woman’s shoulders.



I have wanted to experience these flowers, right there in front of me in the flesh, for so long, searched for them at the Columbia Flower market in London, kept my eye open for them in Mexico, in Asia, but…

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3 responses to “TUBEROSE, IN THE FLESH

  1. Nadine

    I rushed out to buy myself a bunch of tuberoses after I read this 🙂

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