Serge Lutens Datura Noir  +  Coconut Skin Trip  +  D&G Velvet Desire


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16 responses to “I SMELL GORGEOUS TODAY

  1. cookie queen

    Is that all?

  2. Sometimes smelling gorgeous is all you need.

  3. I agree…especially if you are wearing Datura Noir.

    • I can’t work it out though…. I was given a bottle for Christmas and this was its first outing… such a shape shifter.

      Worked brilliantly with the coconut though. Yum.

  4. Rafael

    How greatl! I expect you do smell wonderful. So happy to be able to read your thoughts when I steal a chance Neill. It keeps me sane. My life in the corporate world has no nuance of the profound thoughts you share here. Imagine, to be able to bare your soul and be lauded rather than ot speak and be considered politically unwise. I was in a meeeting the other day drowning in “corporate=speak” and had an anxious moment where I thought “I feel like I’m dissapearing.” Reading you straightens me out (irony) though and I’m the better for it, Happy Spring!

    • Thankyou.

      But I also work in the corporate world Tuesday to Friday; the cram-school world in Japan is highly competitive and I am teaching this ‘elite’ class of kids who want to go to the top universities, and something about it just exhausts me not only physically but also psychically as though I love the kids individually I don’t even agree with the education system to begin with.

      I was practically INSANE during the week. And this is also my portal to the real and the enjoyable. I appreciate the connection I have with people (and let us not forget, it was you who provided that f***ng gorgeous coconut body lotion that I will soon have to order again for myself on Amazon. Such a brilliant thing to layer with perfumes. I adored the scents emanating from me yesterday, so thanks so much for introducing me to it. Me and coconut is the most natural thing in the world. Perhaps my number 1 note. xxx

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