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13 responses to “POISON by CHRISTIAN DIOR (1985)

  1. Marina

    I will never forget the headaches and general sickness I felt selling this one for Dior at the perfume counter….what a monster!

  2. I’ve been wearing the Hypnotic Elixir on certain occasions in the last couple of weeks, teamed with Etro Palais Jamais to balance it. Gave a talk at the Queer Forum in Manchester tonight and wore the combo there. Worked very well!

    • I can’t imagine it!

      Doesn’t the peculiar jasminoid green, that slightly bilgey quality in the Palais create a sickly effect with the Hypnotic?

      • No, they just exist very separate from each other – it’s strange, they don’t actually mix at all – sort of hold their own space and come and go! They’re so distinctly different, it sort of works. The elixir persists much longer on clothes than the palais jamais, but I think it also depends where you put it.

      • I actually often really enjoy that kind of ‘co-existence’, when they are whirling and counterpointing. It’s kind of stimulating for the brain.

  3. Nocturnes

    Poison, Gorgio and Obsession…yes, they were staples in my fragrance wardrobe…and , yet, I don’t remember them seeming so heavy handed to me….not headache inducing or nausea causing at all…maybe I was just used to wearing heavy fragrances at the time….I wonder how I would react to them now….now that I am wearing “fragrance” closer to the skin with less sillage…..

    and someone mentioned “Tatiana” in the other thread prior to your reblogging this….wore and loved that one as well…but there was something sickly about those white flowers in it…yet I couldn’t stop huffing my wrists and went through several bottles…..and Oscar…..same thing……many bottles in all different sizes…..despite the fact that it always began as something odd on my alabaster wrists…..

    What amazes me is that within 16 years Dior only debuted five fragrances….how the times have changed!!!!!!!!!!!

    and I like this idea of Nina’s of “co-existing” fragrances…I quite often try to attain this with different scents on different parts of my body….does she actually layer them?

    • Nocturnes

      my curiosity got the better of me so I did a bit of research…Tatiana came out in 1975 with notes of bergamot, hyacinth, orange blossom, gardenia, jasmine, narcissus, rose, tuberose, amber,musk and sandalwood…..it was a purchase I made (along with the original Bill Blass) as a 12 year old nymph at a department store after taking the bus with my girlfriends to the local mall…..it would be one you might have liked, N., but I read that it has been reformulated numerous times……

    • I don’t imagine. I never literally do. It seems wrong, somehow. Always in different places, although Duncan’s mother layers quite brilliantly, as though she were painting a picture. Just smudging those colours together with her wrists. And it almost always smells great.

  4. Loved Poison since it was released and I have never wavered in my devotion to it…except the muck they now sell as Poison. It is as if someone took the famous painting of Madame X and repainted it with her wearing a cheap sundress. No more vampiness, no more seductive dangerousness, just another watered down memory of a classic scent.

  5. Forgot to add…I loved how you described the older Japanese women in their finery, with a nice aura of Poison around them, silently giving the middle finger to those who would wish them invisible and disappeared. I am saddened by that aspect of Japanese society, whereas older women are thought of as faded flowers.

    • Isn’t it a tragic worldwide phenomenon?

      Less so in France and such places, I imagine though.

      • In France and Spain to a lesser extent, I find women of all ages are to be found attractive. There does not seem to be an “expiration date”.
        In the states here there is this cult like worship of all things young and youthful, which is sad and disheartening also.
        Women who should be comfortable in their skin are parading themselves around trying to look like teenagers, which is just tragic in a way.
        Growing older as a women is difficult, it is sad to watch ones beauty fade. But even worse is the becoming invisible, that is when you need character and panache to remain relevant.

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