saved, by an acorn






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5 responses to “saved, by an acorn

    • No, it was just that while I was ranting last night I came into the entrance of my house last night for a moment and saw the gilded acorn that Duncan had hung from the branches of that berried plant and that moment restored me to temporary sanity. I had to take a picture of it.

      I have always loved acorns, possibly because when I was a child I saw a fairy tale on TV about a boy who finds a magical silver acorn in a forest. The idea totally captivated me (as I love the shape of them so much) that my parents once got my uncle, a jeweller, to make me an actual silver acorn).

      I take solace in such things.

      • I did not realize this was a photo from chez toi. How glorious to come home each day to something so precious and comforting. That is truly so lovely.
        I find acorns in our yard sometimes while walking and always am so enchanted by the shape of them. Almost like a small face with a chapeau on top.
        How lovely to have such a nice, yet simple, thing that can bring you to a comforted place. We all need an acorn, or some other enchantment, in this world we now inhabit. Too much happening all at once.

  1. Gaze and gaze and gaze into that dark burgundy red and feel that fragile glittering lifeball suspended by a thread.

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