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  1. Was that story true? I guess incense would be important in that household.
    I adore the Buddha incense burner. Where did you find it?

    • No, I just picked the picture up from the internet as it seemed fitting, and yes the story is true.

      As far as I am concerned, using incense in bathrooms is so obviously necessary that I can’t believe the whole world doesn’t do it.

      • I always use a plug in oil diffuser in the bathroom. I agree, one needs to keep the space smelling nicer than it tends to smell.
        I wish I knew where to find that incense burner, I just love it.

    • Holly

      I just found it on ebay : “Collectible Chinese Ruzhou Ru Kiln Porcelain Buddha lotus Chassis Incense burner.” 🙂

  2. I know nothing about this story or the point that was trying to be made. However, as a victim of serious abuse to the point that I almost lost my life and my abuser had to spend over 8 years in prison has made me respond to this post. As much as I believe this little story was a tongue in cheek post, it really put me off. I do not let that part of my life enter into my presence but this post forced it upon me whether by my own instincts or choices or whether by reality. It does not happen very often and most of the time I suppress the terrible things that happened to me but for some reason this post brought it all out when I was not even thinking about it. Very very weird.

  3. In retrospect, this story was about what a woman did to a man…the absolute opposite of what really happened to me. I apologize for my previous post and for whatever it was in your post that triggered my response. Mea culpa.

  4. Again I apologize for my outburst. Sometimes I do not realize the impact my past experiences have had on me. But I did not need to impact them on anyone else and regret my previous posts. Sorry…..

    • No apologies necessary and apologies if this admittedly weird post triggered unpleasant memories.

      I saw this in the Japan Times the other day and it struck me as bizarre ( and, given the ‘motive’), quite funny and fitting a blog about smell.

      Knifing someone is in itself not at all funny of course, but in truth I do actually kind of understand her reaction, which is why I wrote about incense. I always use it.

  5. Holly

    That little incense burner juxtaposed with the bizarre article …

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