Gardens of melancholy : Amyitis by Mona Di Orio (2008)

Gardens of melancholy : Amyitis by Mona Di Orio (2008).


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7 responses to “Gardens of melancholy : Amyitis by Mona Di Orio (2008)

  1. Holly

    Do you like Cocteau?

      • Holly

        There’s some connection which I can’t articulate. Oddly enough, I enjoy that.
        For some reason I also started looking at old Jean Renoir clips, and then there’s some Eraserhead flotsam or jetsam. Then my mind whizzed over to Grey Gardens.
        Somehow, when I read your posts and see how you illustrate them, I’m transported to a dream world. Your words and images remain with me, and they flicker in and out of my awareness. Sometimes they’re subterranean, and seem to have great depth. Other times I see your awareness of the human condition, and it’s frail and funny and sad. Simultaneously mythical and mundane, embracing Joseph Campbell and Tom Robbins. Thank you so much. It’s absolutely glorious.

      • Well I do think that I am an intensely visual person, and I ADORE Lynch and ADORE Grey Gardens as well, though I have never mentioned it on here. That film is so utterly unique and has its own untouchable world.

        And Tom Robbins, who I only discovered last year, blew my mind. I have never heard of Joseph Campbell though. Should I?

      • Holly

        Yes, I think you should explore Joseph Campbell. He was a kind, generous soul who can accompany you wherever you wish to roam.

      • Then I will. Thanks for the recommendation.

      • Holly

        You’re welcome. I’m sure you’re familiar with the now-clichéd “follow your bliss.” He’s the one who coined the phrase. If you’d prefer watching over reading, there’s a series with Bill Moyers called “The Power of Myth.”

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