1. bella ciao

    thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have never heard of Detaille and immediately had to see their website, they do “echantillons”….. and 30ml…. The chypre perfume you describe sounds more like me than Samsara/Alizee but as a gift for my sister so she does not have to use the reformulated synthetic Samsara… A lot of thoughts (all shopping in Paris related) twirling in my head on a rainy Sunday morning:)-

    • Yes yes yes this is exactly what I was hoping. That someone would need a better Samsara. Glad to be of assistance. You can take my word for it that the ones I smelled at least were decent quality (in the older label bottles…..who knows if the more modern ones we see in the pictures on the website are good as well…).

    • (perhaps you need my vintage, incidentally?)

      I can swap it for something if you like.

      • bella ciao

        If you mean vintage Samsara? Or do you mean vintage Japanese Alizee? Either way that would be for my sister. I have a Nocturnes bottle 50 ml almost full (black box with cubist square) that is wasted on me, no other way of putting it unfortunately. To that I could add some Yves Rocher coconut?

      • For me I would instinctively say no, they wouldn’t quite work, but just seeing those perfumes, vintage Nocturnes, and Yves Rocher Noix De Coco is quite weird for me ;truly my perfumes, those I adore, those that are in me. It is rather David Lynch. Do you love and wear both?

  2. Firstly, I’d love to be in a room with you wearing Samsara upon Samsara. It’s a little vulgar, but also as you said, plush. Anyway it rocks my socks.

    Secondly, what a delight to find a new brand that evokes the past! The other brand I know which does this is Oriza L. Legrand. I’ll have to seek some of this Detaille stuff to try.

  3. bella ciao

    You made me discover the Yves Rocher coconut and I wear it occasionally. A fun little thing, summery but not sweet. Since there are no YR shops in Japan and lots here in case you have a shortage… and Nocturnes does not work on me, sadly, that is why at some point it will go to a more deserving skin. Again, if you have a a shortage:)-

    • A swap shop is ahoy I feel.

    • The thing with Nocturnes, though, is that it really does depend on how well it has kept. The more recent versions are way too sharp and synthetic, but the originals seem to deteriorate. I have one perfect bottle that I adore, but a couple of crappo ones that almost aren’t worth the trouble. If it doesn’t have the mandarin heavenly beginning over stephanotis and that vetiver vanilla ending, I am not into it either. But sure: it definitely does depend on one’s skin, as does Samsara. I can imagine it smelling unbelievably sexy on the right, booby vixen.

  4. bella ciao

    I think it would be more interesting on a guy, actually:)- on me it is more soapy than anything else. oh well…

  5. Ah, Samsara, how I adore it. I wear it, but it never makes me as happy as the thought of it. I wonder why? I guess it is truly because Samsara is a larger than life creation, one which wears similarly on most people. I seem to adore the idea of it more than the reality of it.
    So pleased you found Detaille. The company is actually a very old french company that was first known for their face creams. The creams were created for the founder to protect her skin while driving in a new dangled creation, the automobile; this being during the period when windshield were not much larger than a napkin and road dust could cover the face.
    I am familiar with their scents, but sadly do not remember them too well. The last store in the states to carry their products was Takashimaya when it was open in NYC. Now I would have to be back in France to smell them. I will say, the scents are very well constructed and worth a gander.
    So happy you chanced upon them and shared your fondness for Alizèe.

  6. Samsara is my favourite perfume. I have others that I really like but Samsara ticks all the boxes for me. I am always looking for a perfume that will surpass it but none can be found. Maybe Chamade but maybe not as well. Whenever i wear Samsara people ask what it is. If I wear Mitsouko no one says a word..

    • Check out Alizee as well. It would be like wearing something similar to Samsara but looser and more free-flowing. No need to wear Mitsouko if it doesn’t suit you….that one can smell so DOWDY and WRONG on the person it is not intended for.

      • jennyredhen

        I dont think I will find Alizee or Parfums Detaille in New Zealand unfortunately. I have looked and cant find anything about either. You are right about Mitsouko being dowdy on the wrong person!!

      • God yes. But on Alizee, if Samsara is already perfect I wouldn’t bother.

        Next time you are in Paris……….

  7. Ah, speaking of Samsara! I remember when it came out, when I was in my early thirties. Being a fan of Guerlain, I assumed I would love it. But no. It was too, too much. It was one of those fragrances that wore me rather than the other way around. I kept going back to it, trying to love it, but it was so aggressive, sweet, thick and to me, almost claustrophobic. I never did buy a bottle. (To put things in perspective, at that time I was wearing massive quantities of Obsession. Yeah, I know. Yikes.)

    Recently, I found a vintage bottle of the EdT. It’s lovely, chic, nuanced, astonishingly polite. Part of it must be the age of it — the loss of stuffing — and part of it is the fact that it’s Samsara’s drier, more angular (relatively speaking) formulation. I’m enjoying it very much. (After finding it, I foolishly ordered a bottle of the current Samsara EdT, but it clearly hasn’t faired well in the reformulation.)

  8. fuckyouelegance

    I have recently encountered the transparent bottles of EDP and EDT, does these differ from the ruby bottles? The newer ones give mo so much headache. I really wanted to love it so I wanted to ask if you think the vintage is substantially different.


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