a jasmine nervous breakdown……….JASMAL by CREED (1959)

As the jasmine here fades until next year….

The Black Narcissus









From the classical, ladylike, put-together era of the late 1950’s, Jasmal, designed especially for the late Natalie Wood, is the effervescent, floracious, jasmine-imbued remake of Diorissimo.


While of similar breeding and olfactory structure, this beautiful perfume by Creed is however quite breathless: spinning, effortlessly almost, out of control.


Where Diorissimo breathes refinement – not a hair out of place in that ice blonde, well-kempt chignon– Jasmal is a romantic, hopeless; a hectic matriarch chasing her children around the house, hair come loose;  breathless, heart-pounding, and laughing –  perhaps just that little bit too hard…..









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5 responses to “a jasmine nervous breakdown……….JASMAL by CREED (1959)

  1. I absolutely loved this review. I have not tried Jasmal, although I adored Natalie Wood and her movies. She was an great actress and imparted such feeling and emotion to her roles, that you forgot they were roles. However, I never heard that Jasmal was her fragrance,..I thought it was Jungle Gardenia. I have read many biographies of her and do not remember Jasmal being mentioned in any of them.
    Nevertheless, you have me wanting to try this one.

    • Glad to hear it. I do think it is as I describe it – a jasmine Diorissimo, just fuller. Very heady and joyous in a way, but there is something else there under the surface…

    • On Natalie Wood, I think I have only seen her in West Side Story with that ludicrous accent (love it though, obviously).

      I always wonder if they really did murder her on that boat….

  2. Holly

    Sounds like something I should seek out. I love jasmine, and have been known to spin out of control.

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