I am at this moment just taking a break from dancing around the kitchen, putting the soundtrack together for our next big party, Delicate Delinquents – the first big event since Sexual Emergency last year and the first proper summer extravaganza since 20I3’s Music For Chameleons, a rainforest weirdity of atmospherica that was moist and tropical and very chameleony (D even did a chameleon dance after he had been body painted by the crowd). This next party is going to be tighter; more furiously exciting and rebellious. I’ve got the films sorted, I think (we have two big projectors: beginning with Cassevetes’ Shadows (fifties delinquent hipsters) and Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point (seventies radicals), I am thinking about moving onto Almodovar’s Pepi, Luci, Bom for a bit of Madrid eighties underground and some fine splashes of Spanish colour, possibly contrasted with Coffy, Pam Grier’s Blaxploitation classic that will look good spread on the walls as the congregation gets down and grooves.

The art performances are in the pipeline; my clothes are ready (I think): some Japanese white and blue jinbe pyjamas, and possibly thief makeup (see above). The only thing left to decide, and this is important, is PERFUME.

What do you think?


Me (on the right) and the D heading out incognito into the night. Neither of us can take too much of the humdrum reality: there comes a time when you just have to          E S C A P E.


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  1. Well, what perfumes did each of you decide to wear?

    • Nothing decided yet. Bizarrely I am edging towards No I9 vintage parfum, as I am in the phase again for it at the moment. It is masculine and mysterious on me, and lasts brilliantly through the day and night. It still doesn’t still feel QUITE right though.

      If you were going to a party with that theme, what you would wear?

  2. ninakane1

    Sounds so brilliant! Looking forward to being there. Love that photo of you two!! Re perfume – 19 always smells good on you, but i’m bringing you some Elephant Kenzo so perhaps another option? Better go! Airplane to catch. See you very soon xxx

  3. Have a wonderful party Neil! It sounds EPIC. Please wear the thief make-up. You will look so good in that.

    If I was lucky enough to come along I think I’d wear La Myrrhe, which I have recently been introduced to.

    • You definitely have intuitive brilliance. I would LOVE to wear that. I have only smelled it once, though, at the Palais Royal boutique over a decade ago, but I thought the combination of aldehydes and a very purified myrrh was divine. At that point I just didn’t have any money left though and so didn’t get it.

      Great suggestion.

      I wonder what else I might choose though: something within reach?

  4. Tania

    Maybe a different green choice, such as Antilope? I find that has great longevity, and it’s just a little bit mysterious, also probably nobody will have smelled it before.

    • But……on hot sweaty me… is exquisite, I adore it, but I want to smell reliably delish the entire evening. I think I wrote about Antilope in my ridiculous Fifty Shades review. It was VILE in the heat .I totally deserved the jaws of the lion.

  5. Lilybelle

    Sounds fab! I wish like anything you were on Facebook. <3. xo

    • I am, but I find it quite annoying. Useful, a great way to connect, but also shallow and self-promoting (and very much concealing). I find it very irritating the way everyone makes out that their life is one big happy luncheon – and then photograph and put up even that.

  6. Holly

    Sounds fantastic! I can’t wait to hear all about it.
    I find that when Chanel 19 isn’t quite right, then I turn to Silences. I agree with Tania, maybe something green. Tight and slightly bitchy.

    • Silences J’adore, obviously. But I would smell foolish in it. Seriously, No I9 is verging on too macho on me it is that leathery sexy. It is perfect, but somehow still too……..

  7. Danaki

    Ooh…If I’m invited, I would wear Coriandre. All haughty and dame, take me as I am bomb. No idea what I would wear, though, as usual 😉
    Have a fantastic gig…I’m sure it will be the best ever!!

  8. What do I think? I think you better have a party for me when I come to town.
    Frag wise? Wear a few, hide behind clouds of fragrance so big that you become unseeable, blow their olfactory bulbs.
    Portia xx

  9. Nina

    Sounds fun and enriching, too! Right away I thought of cold, yet plush vintage Metal extrait. Have a fantastifc t
    ime partying!

    • I adore Metal, but my personal vintage extrait is a bit off now. I think I prefer that perfume for more floaty dreaming days than strutting under lights. I would LOVE to smell it on someone else there, though. People’s perfume at our parties is often conspicuous by its absence. I WANT to smell gorgeously scented people brushing up against me but you so rarely do. It is unfathomable to me.

  10. Love the theme of your party. For fragrance I would go with something from Etat Libre D’Orange. Noël au Balcon would be just glorious; sweet, spicy, touch of aldehydes. I feel their scents are quirky and well composed enough to be a perfect accoutrement for a lively party.
    When I do make my way to Japan, please have a little party, just so I could shake off my frump and shake my rump instead. I could use this type of release.
    I will wait for fragrance updates.

    • This is exactly the thing. Sometimes I worry that I am just in arrested development or something, that I should be just settling into an easy chair and behaving like an ‘adult’ (which I do throughout the week) but sometimes I just want to bust a whole in reality if you know what I mean, go for the Dionysian paroxysm, even the transcendental if I can achieve it. These parties do take quite a lot of organizing, though – having to guarantee enough people and so on. If when you come we aren’t having an actual party, I know the perfect place for us to get on down in any case.

      • ps. I usually find that with Etat Libre, though exciting, the final base notes are a bit wan and lacking. A bit one note. Don’t you think?

        The IDEA of Noel Au Balcon is great, though.

      • No, no, do not go the easy chair route. Stay vivacious, keep life exciting, party on and on. I kind of had to take on the responsible role I am shouldered with, there is no one else to do it, if not for that I would still revel with the best of them.
        Just because one is an adult does not mean one cannot live life to the fullest. As you said, you do your buttoned up job all week long, you need to express yourself and let loose. Leaving reality behind is truly an underrated feat. I think if more people did it we would be happier in the end. Maybe that us why some people lose their grip on reality, it is hard always being a realist…trust me.
        I am sure as much planning as the parties take, they bring so much pleasure back to you.
        I am sure when I eventually am there you will show me a fabulous time and I will cut loose like it is the 80’s again.
        Just remember to post many photos of the big party.
        Also, I tried to find you on Facebook and cannot seem to, what is your name there?

      • You know, I am kind of ambiguous about mixing up Facebook with the Narcissus actually. I need to think about it. I kind of like my world on here as it is if you know what I mean.

        As for everything else you say, I ultimately agree. And even if in theory I thought that I should act like an ‘adult’ (inverted commas essential), I wouldn’t be able to do it anyway. I have this inner life force than just can’t be contained.

  11. Oh, as for the ELdO basenotes, I will agree they lose their steam. I am lucky though that I turn things rich and dark, so my chemistry works well with the few I have; they tend to wear pretty evenly.

      • But back to Facebook, which Nina writes extremely lucidly about and also has dilemmas with (as do many people I know: on for a while, and then off), it is a very strange world: all those ‘likes’, it is like being back in elementary school again hoping for your friends’ approval. And I bridle at the unrelenting happy optimism, which really gets on my goat after a while (and which is why I come across as a real grumpy crank on there just to balance it out a bit). It has been very useful as a way to meet old friends again, and has helped me out also when I have felt isolated, but most people aren’t any way near as honest or instantaneous as I am on there: so coyly self-preserving and selective in what they reveal. And it’s so addicting and yet polluting in some ways, you know when you are bored and you scroll down and blah blah blah, slogan this, meme that, quip here, joke there, and usually not even by themselves, as though they had spent time on the internet just to find something to put up. very dull indeed. You know I actually lost my iPhone two weeks ago and I haven’t even looked for it yet, which in some ways is crazy I know, but to me it makes sense. I actually like not having it. I have been reading an incredibly interesting book by Donald Richie on Japan – so well written, fascinating, especially as it covers a lot of the places I know very well, even here, Kitakamakura, where we live, and it is has been nice going back to the old unconnected days when things were just experienced and mulled over and then housed away somewhere in the brain. There have been countless times when I have wanted to photograph something, as I really love taking pictures, but even then it was quite nice to just SEE them, cerebrally IMBIBE them, and then, like the ephemera they were supposed to be, just let them go.

        Facebook saved my bacon during the earthquake, as I wrote in that long piece on the subject. Without it I think we would have both gone nuts. And it has definitely made me feel more connected, in many ways. But in other ways I consider it a trough of banality and frustration.

        Anyone else have any thoughts on this subject?

        Needless to say though, this party probably couldn’t happen without it: it is where we post pictures and promote it, get in contact with people, and message instantly. Again, I can’t really live without it but do like to distance myself from it as well.

      • My two I still have, sold others off, are; Putain des Palaces and Noel au Balcon. both of which I adore.

      • I understand completely how you feel about FB, but I also love the way I feel connected to people I do not see often; not to mention the people whom I have never met in person, but with whom I like to keep in touch.
        I guess because I am not out in the world working, as I would love to be, just at home taking care of mum, it helps me to feel far less isolated and disconnected from the world around me. You see, I do not even live in a city, which is a certain type of death to me, but in a rather rural area, so I long for that interaction with fellow human beings that only FB is able to provide at times. At the same time, i am not on it 24/7 as some people are, I am only on it a few times during the week, or every other day just to see if anything interesting has happened to anyone i know.
        I guess i just miss being involved in the daily hustle and bustle of life and FB gives a semblance of that at times. I do understand the love/hate relationship with FB though, sometimes the banality is so overwhelming I never wish to return to it again. But I mostly enjoy seeing what people are doing and wearing for fragrance and that is a nice indulgence, above and beyond that…well I guess I do not want the drama of it all.

  12. emmawoolf

    Fb is a trough of banality and frustration. I am ready for a big break (yeah, yeah, she says again). Going on there makes me feel like a sad primary school kid stuffing my face with a doughnut from the tuck shop in the morning break: anything for a quick sugar rush (ooh, a like!) but failing to offer any form of satiety. I wish I had more knowledge to guide you for your soiree, but I can’t help feeling in my gut that a vintage classic is not the way to go. Your pictures suggest otherwise to me. I’d be tempted to go trashy: why not the gourmand old-school delights of Angel? Angels are the most delicate of creatures, and there’s a definite touch of the delinquent about them – they refuse to touch the ground, and rightly so. Otherwise, I would personally plump for one of your witchy chypres to lead you into the night of decadence: Soir de lune has an air of fragility about it yet can more than hold itself as the evening wears on, eau du Soir or perhaps Magie Noire or Paloma Picasso. Have fun (and say hi to Nina x)

  13. emmawoolf

    I had missed your reference to elementary school! I couldn’t agree more. (What age is that, by the way?). Keep this and the other place separate. Don’t pollute (this) one with the other.

  14. Love your FB comment. It can be a tough one and blessing together. Like you, I have found it great to re-connect with people and also meet new ones. But it can also be a shallow experience. And sometimes makes me feel like I am just missing out.
    I am thinking to instate a day devoted each week to no FB – Instagram, etc. Let the head clear. I was reading a blog by Terri Windling recently where she mentions how the victorian ladies would have a day when no visitors would be received. Clear out the head and rest the psyche. Reconnect with self.
    Oh, is the fun party over yet? Sounds so great!
    Recently I discovered a natural perfume by J. Hannah called Skive. Leathery, dries down a little sweet. Kinda wild and earthy.
    Thanks for your great blogs!

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