Diving to the back of my perfume cupboard to retrieve Secret Intention, a ‘limited edition release’ I once bought, with the intention of including it in my treasure trove of affectionate disasters –  I realize, quite suddenly, that it in fact deserves a category entirely of its own:












For it is shit.






A kind of seaweedy Samsara :  an endocrinic green tea mop.









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9 responses to “SECRET INTENTION by GUERLAIN (2001)

  1. “A kind of seaweedy Samsara : an endocrinic green tea mop.”

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  2. ninakane1

    Haha I love it! It’s almost a haiku! A haiku of loathing!

    • I know, it IS a bit on the rude tip this one (just call it wine on a Friday night).

      I don’t loathe it as such, but spraying it on last night I must admit that I was appalled by its crapola.

  3. Agree with you entirely. This is complete shite. It was a most depressing purchase and I was thrilled when I sold it off. Absolute garbage it is. A disgrace to carry the venerable Guerlain name. It was when I received this, then smelt it, that I knew Guerlain was going down hill

    • Definitely one of those scents that you find unfathomable because you have no idea what it is trying to say or do.

      I was so excited to find such an obscure scent for next to nothing, but when I sprayed it on it was just one big


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