What at perfume to wear to Madonna tonight?




The part of Tokyo where we were filming yesterday – Asagaya, near Shinjuku, has plenty of little curiosity shops that have vintage perfumes: my friend Zubeyde, who lives in this part of town,took me on a tour that yielded several thrilling bargains, including a miniature vintage parfum of this venomous classic that I snapped up for five hundred yen.


The thing  is, this particular bottle smells GORGEOUS. My character, Burning Bush, was wearing Poison yesterday and several people commented on how nice it smelled: the musk, my least favourite part of the scent, attenuated in this edition, the rich, fruity jasmine concentrated and lush, cassissing up the tuberose and the berries, purpling from within: plush, compressed, disarming and swoony.


Never mind the follow up, this really is Hypnotic.


Right now we are sitting in a strange, atmospheric cafe in Asagaya recovering from last night: Tiffany lamps, a dangling cactus garden under lights: Nat King Cole on low, real Tokyo eccentricity. Once we have gathered ourselves we are going to see the Botticelli exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in Ueno: Madonnas before the Madonna.


Then perhaps a sento bath somewhere, dinner, and off we’ll go to Rebel Heart, my bottle of Snow White witch perfume nestling in my jeans pocket, ready to be unstoppered again, just when the moment is right.





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6 responses to “POISON by CHRISTIAN DIOR (1985)

  1. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    Interview with the vamp(ire) …. Great face!
    Wish for digital whiffs next to digital images.
    O brave new world, make it so!
    Have a lovely concert

  2. Such a glorious find. That image of you is intriguing and disconcerting. Hope you will have a smashing time at the concert.

  3. jennyredhen

    what about Midnight Poison.. (discontinued) some one gave me a little bit of it recently .. love it to death.. I think it smells a bit like Angel but not so heavy… shoot me down in flames if that is wrong.

    • I never really got to know that one properly but it smelled alright to me when I tried it the one time (if a bit of that ilk, as you say). I don’t think Dior actually does bad Poisons.

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