Party girl : LOU LOU by CACHAREL (1987)










Because I am SERIOUSLY into this perfume at the moment.

Olivia, at least I know you understand…..











I was very wrong about the reformulation in this original (and rather naive) review.  While the re-edition does a brilliantly cunning approximation in the blaringly triumphant top notes, making them fresher, and dare I say it for a few seconds even more appealing, the dry down in this deceptive little wannabe is total and utter crudsville. Just wan and thin fake sandalwood, nothing,  as our little baby Loulou chokes on an E and expires her last in a pile of plastic trash.


The ORIGINAL Loulou, unfazed and unhinged, just keeps on smoking, pouting…….flaunting…..and she smells gorgeous throughout: of almonds; of vanilla; of deepset heliotrope, of resins and of joss sticks: in hindsight a brilliantly, androgynously, incensed-sandalwood trouper.



Where her try-hard doppelgänger is already entering rigor mortis on her tray in the morgue; the real deal Loulou is tossing back a cherry brandy cocktail;  smouldering; and laughing on a last minute plane to Goa….


Party girl : LOU LOU by CACHAREL (1987)


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3 responses to “Party girl : LOU LOU by CACHAREL (1987)

  1. Love this! Fun read on a Friday morning. I’m in an excellent mood now. Love how you write.

  2. I love this lil biatch! I have several of the vintage blue and red bottles that I’ve picked up from estate sales which in and of themselves make such a loud statement. The reformulation doesn’t deserve to even go on the same shelf…

    • YES : the blue and red bottle – so textured and rich….

      At the time it was seen as a tacky joke I think, but now when you smell it you can feel what good quality it was – the dry down in the original is quite sublime.

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