….is what I feel in my new work perfume for spring: Gardenia by Elizabeth Taylor.





























































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25 responses to “SUBTERFUGE

  1. Refreshing change to see no Butterfield 8 or Cat on a Hot Tin Roof stills!

    • I just grabbed whichever pictures piqued my fancy. I love the one of her snogging Richard by the mirror. What an absolute beaut she was though.

      The scent is a drugstore cheapo – fresh gardenia, peach, shampoo and tea-like, but it smells great on a white shirt cuff. I wore it slyly to the opening ceremony and enjoyed it way more than I should have

  2. What gorgeous photos and one of the most beautiful women ever created!
    (Loved your guilty pleasure.)

  3. Iggy Pop’s “Gardenia” is playing in my head as I read this!

  4. Have you ever listened to the You Must Remember This podcast about her and Montgomery Clift?? It’s really great:

  5. Lilybelle

    She was unbelievably, almost scarily gorgeous. I had her Gardenia perfume years ago. I loved the green bottle. I have a hard time with gardenia perfumes, though. And there really is no comparison to the living blossom. My mother told me that when she was young she’d read that Elizabeth Taylor wore Jungle Gardenia, so my mother drenched herself in it, too. I think it gave her father migraine. I remember Jungle Gardenia. I didn’t wear it but you always knew when someone did – it was unmistakable and very true smelling, startling just like Dame Liz, and I think it needed a certain natural drama to carry it off well.

    • I would love to have smelled Jungle Gardenia on someone! I have been reading about that perfume recently and it sounds quite fascinating. I wish more people olfactively ‘dressed up’ more like that these days. How exciting our cities would smell.

      • Veritas

        I believe that Jeffrey Dame of Dame Perfumery made a replica of Jungle Gardenia and I read that it was spot on…this was when he was recreating some of the classics and selling under a different name…his current company , Dame Perfumery, makes contemporary fragrances which are quite lovely…he also has a new soliflore collection and I think you would like three of them- Narcissus, Mimosa and Gardenia ……..he does ship the ones that are in perfume “oil” format overseas (he cannot ship EDT which contains alcohol)…perhaps you could persuade him to send you a sample or two? He is extremely generous with his samples and as a blogger he might very well send all six of them to you….

      • They sound gorgeous and totally up my street!

      • Veritas

        You could also send him a postcard…he has this postcard program where you send him a postcard with the sample you want and he sends the sample to you (usually he sends more than one). If you tell him that you write fragrance reviews I am sure that he would be more than happy to send you some of his fragrances in the “Perfume Oil” consistency…

      • Veritas

        You might also like his Black Flower Mexican Vanilla….I have been purchasing full bottles for the past year as gifts for family members and friends for all festive occasions…prices are good, shipping is free , fragrances are lovely (everyone receiving is always happy) and I like supporting a “one man show”……he is a very small business…..

      • Veritas

        My parents share “Dark Horse” and are now on their third bottle…..

      • I really love how you get your whole family wearing interesting perfumes!

      • Veritas

        Ah , but you do the same , my dear, with your family and friends!

      • Lilybelle

        All I ever smell on anyone are sweet body sprays. Or nothing. I must be stinkin’ it up in my old lady fragrances but so far nobody has complained. Except my husband occasionally. But he’s used to me.

  6. Love the photos so much; she really was a glorious creature, was she not. I have never smelt her Gardenia fragrance, but I absolutely adore her Passion and White Diamonds. Annick Goutal has a glorious gardenia scent also, but it may be a tad strong to wear to work.

    • Oh lordy yes. The Annick has a real flounce to it, doesn’t it. You are not really missing out in not smelling the Liz Taylor version, but just a little bit is nice and upbeat.

  7. Larkin

    Sarah Horowitz does Perfect Gardenia. It really is true to the flower. A bit much for me, personally, but it smells nice. Gets really heavy after an hour. But true to life.

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