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  1. Can you imagine that this is actually somebody’s job?! She was on the way to work, at this desk, playing a very popular anime character, apparently, known by hundreds of thousands, but on the way to this tiny shop, as she walked down the ‘anime tunnel’ in Asagaya’s Anime street, somehow wound up in Duncan and Yukiro’s ridiculous film (which I have been told I can’t put up). The whole thing was crazy and hysterical this morning; we all laughed our heads off, and in truth after last week, after a week of severe Japanese educational conservatism, just what I needed. Back to perfume reviews again soon, I promise. But what with Prince’s death, and the overwhelming beginning of term, and perhaps most importantly, discovering Lana Del Rey’s outrageously beautiful Honeymoon album last week, which has totally possessed our spirits in the most lusciously gorgeous way possible, it has been all tears (many of them joyful, in truth, and I am not a person who cries), and emotion and wilfully reacting to the stiffness of the system, death, teenage remembrances, lovely emails, handicapped knees, and the scent of azaleas, which people think don’t smell but actually really do. Plus WAY too much Chanel no 19 parfum. I used up a 14ml bottle in two weekends, and that, obviously, is very stupid. Excess for the sake of it, just BECAUSE. Just as some ‘Baudelaire’ reaction to everything. Tomorrow: piano duet practice, which should bring back some sanity, but then again I might get overwhelmed because the Ravel we are practicing is just so damn beautiful, but then I have to get a grip. One has to teach, maintain one’s job, and bring home the bacon, innit. A man my age just can’t be continually indulging his emotions this way!

  2. Certainly not. At your age!

    • I should be just coming home, switching on the TV, having perfunctory conversation, and sitting down to watch the ‘news’. Then, brushing my teeth, pecking someone goodnight, and getting ready for tomorrow. I know. I know. Or else out pounding at the gym, pretending that that is going to make me live forever, and then going out shopping for goods that I don’t need at all.

  3. jennyredhen

    full moon in scorpio

    • Interesting.

      But what does that mean exactly?

      • jennyredhen

        It means that that particular weekend the moon was full and its position in the heavens … as observed from Earth,, was in the constellation of Scorpio.. Astrolocally speaking Scorpio is the Zodiac sign which relates to death and transformation .. and other intensities… especially of the emotions and sexuality.. .A full moon in a particular sign intensifies all the characteristics of that sign… so it would have been a very deeply emotionally charged weekend..They seem the best time to have a party is full moon in Leo. Leos are outgoing and fun loving so its a great Party atmosphere the second best time is ful moon in Aquarius.. Aquarius rules groups and gatherings. Aquarius is forward thinking and avant garde Aquarius also like communication so it would be a very chatty quirky party. Dont have a party when the moon is full in Scorpio unless you want relationship bust ups people sobbing in the shrubbery and adulterous sex in the bed rooms.

    • I am actually way more fascinated by the reality of star signs than I should be (ostensibly a load of nonsense, for obvious reasons : in actual fact, true on the whole), but then I only really know about sun signs. All the stuff that is changing and happening etc I don’t really know about. Scorpio on the whole I have a mixed relationship with. Love em, hate em. But fascinated by (and jealous of) their power and ability to get things done, if not of their inability to properly express themselves, which I love being able to do in torrid abundance.

      • jennyredhen

        Yes Scorpios can be very fustrating.. They are too itense for me..they are quite secretive as are also the opposite sign .. Taurus.. opposite signs often share some of the same characteristics beliee it oe not.. I have studied reasonably deeply in the past and it has really helped me with my own life.. trying to understand why I am the way i am..and cant control it .your zodiac sign is to do with Kama as well.. you past kama will decide what sign you are to be born is as that will govern what lessons you have to learn in this lifetime.

      • You being Taurus makes sense. I have said before that you are very rooted in reality. I am the opposite. I HATE reality!

      • jennyredhen

        sorry lots of typos in that post, even bits missing. ..I am not a Taurus but I do have a Taurus moon. My star sign is the one that is supposed to be the least rooted in reality. of all the signs.. Pisces…

  4. I think that you should do whatever you want to do as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Age has nothing to do with it. We are the same person no matter what age.

  5. Marina

    Sounds like the right amount of spontaneous strangeness that can occur when you live in Japan.

  6. So interesting and unique. I feel your life is perfectly set to where it should be at this time. You are living it the way it is meant to be lived. Enjoy. I will have to check out the Lana del Ray album, I do enjoy her quite a bit.

    • That is a very nice thing to say, Brielle and I know what you mean actually – we are in many ways having the time of our lives even if the lurch from the weekly reality to the weekend one is getting ever more extreme! If it is a midlife crisis, it is an extremely pleasurable one!

      As for Lana, the new stuff is way more dreamy, atmospheric and cinematic than the previous songs. I mean she doesn’t vary much let’s face it – always those melodramatic, Lynchian minor chords, but on this new record it is all slowed down and is almost numbing. Two songs in particular kill me. Try blasting out these two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emDU4QvdwVk and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPU8XJcA__k

      Almost like Nancy Sinatra or something – I find it so brooding, and hopelessly romantic. J’ADORE.

      • This may be old hat to you, Neil, but I find this dreamy, atmospheric and cinematic in, hmm, not so much a Nancy Sinatra way, but kind of a psychedelic country-western way: slide guitar, tambourine, trippy lyrics, melancholy-beautiful melody, stripped-down vocals. Music is as personal as perfume, so might not be your thing, but for what it’s worth . . . and I know what you mean about Lana. Hope this link works.

      • Actually the first side of the album is like Lynchian Cocteau Twins more than anything else.

      • emmawoolf

        I’ll swap my midlife crisis for yours any day. x

      • I think we’ve been crises of varying kinds ever since we were conscious, E.

  7. And I think it is extraordinarily romantic, a real love song, but nicely abstract and un-sappy.

    • And the Terrence loves you song is about the suicide of David Bowie’s brother. I find it extraordinary. Touching and floating and dreaming. Obsessed with it at the moment.

    • HA! Mazzy Star: one of my all time favourite groups. I actually touched her. They were playing in Birmingham and suddenly stopped (because of too much BAAAAAD WIIIIINNNNE so the guitarist said afterwards), and the vibe in the room wasn’t right for Hope Sandoval so she stormed off and I ran after her and grabbed her actually and said no PLEASE PLEASE DON’T STOP IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL and she stared into my eyes like a madman and ran off.

      Many a fabulous evening has been had to Mazzy Star. Americana, like Lana, at its very best.

      • Wow. That is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love what you said to her. I was just feeling weird for sending that link because it was a shot in the dark and it could have misfired. Not that that would be terrible, but I am quite shy about that kind of thing. Whew! You really ARE the greatest.

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