The perils of editing a post on your phone on the bus.

It’s disappeared!






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13 responses to “CAPRICCI (1960)

  1. Lilybelle

    I’ve never smelled Capricci but I want to. I only know L’Air du Temps and Farouche.

    • No no no no no no NO!!!!!!!!

      That means you have only ever experienced the gauzy, musky side of Nina Ricci, not the ‘pure’ floral beauty, more akin to Caleche and the like but even more classicist. Capricci is perfect if you like that side of perfume, although it can definitely come across as rather ‘prim and proper’. I personally think it transcends all that though, becoming something deeply romantic in the most painful and beautiful way.

  2. The photos are outstanding and I remember Capricci well and owned it at one time.

  3. Very nicely written piece. I absolutely adore Capricci, it is one of my favorite scents. I truly adore all the fragrances by Nina Ricci, but this, along with Fille d’Eve, are my two favorites. It tends to wear a bit spicy on me and less floraly, but that is just my chemistry. I have this in edt and extrait and both are divine. Would love to find more extrait, maybe I will be lucky one of these days.

  4. MrsDalloway

    Oh no! I noticed you’d posted it and was going to read now but alas. So Capricci, good and one should try it?

    • An extremely pretty, classicist, green floral aldehyde, like the picture. It depends on whether that appeals to you! I personally think it is very beautiful indeed. Joyous, but with a melancholy undertone.

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