The holy mountain contemplates Trumpety Trump





A photograph of Mt Fuji taken just now.

I think she disapproves.


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11 responses to “The holy mountain contemplates Trumpety Trump

  1. Don’t we all. I feel her pain.

  2. I have been feeling the pain since November 8th. The pain is chronic and will last at least four years…unless a miraclulous cure is discovered during the interim.

  3. Please convey both apologies and thanks to your mountain.

  4. Laurels

    I just got back from the local Women’s March a little while ago. It was inspiring and hope-giving, as there was a huge turnout (plenty of men, and children, too), and I live in one of the more conservative areas of California. People just kept pouring into the street. I actually cried. We CAN stop them, although it won’t be easy.

  5. Fuji san’s overall gloom seems to mirror my own. It is as if I were in a nightmare and instead of waking up, another worse one is immediately upon me. How shall we ever get through this unscathed? I query myself.

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