Burning Bush, a creature from my imagination made flesh by my person ( see above ), an occasional entity I find quite necessary to embody in these dumb, fascistic times (no matter how ‘horrifying’ some of my old friends and family may find it), performed at a Tokyo cabaret this last Saturday night, singing a slowed down semi-acappella piano version of Kate Bush’s yearnful song from 1978, The Man With The Child In His Eyes.

It was an incantation : an exorcism; pure catharsis.

The scent: :  Dior Poison Esprit de Parfum Proche; Annick Goutal Gardenia Passion, and Roja Dove Tuberose Parfum.


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14 responses to “TUBEROSA

  1. You wear it well. And, Happy Valentines Day.

  2. Lilybelle

    I was craving something tropical and tuberosy on Sunday. My husband and I went out for lunch for our anniversary. I grabbed Fracas, feeling pressured to hurry up – as usual) but it wasn’t right and he didn’t like it. I forgot I had Gardénia Passion. That’s what I wore when we first met. It would have been much better. Fracas is sooooo sharp. So now I am sort of pining for a new (to me) summer tuberose-dominant floral fragrance. We’ll see. Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

    • You too. I will review the Roja Dove Tuberose soon – it is actually very much like Fracas, just slightly less hysterical. I believe it might do the trick for you. I am loving it actually.

      And yes: Gardenia Passion! That slightly dusty, turmericy tuberose under the guise of gardenia, I really like it a lot. Found a bottle cheap and have already almost finished it. It is one of those scents I just grab and spray on when I see it unthinkingly.

      • Lilybelle

        GP dries down very nicely on my skin, whereas Fracas just stays in that shrieky hysteria, though it didn’t always, so perhaps it is the more recent version that annoys me. My GP bottle is older and almost empty. 😦 I’d hate to find the current version degraded. I’ve enjoyed quite a few Annick Goutal fragrances over the years, but I don’t know what they’re like now. I’d have to drive down to Saks in New Orleans to find out. Which is a pleasant prospect. I’m looking forward to your Tuberose review.

  3. Renee Stout

    Reading this made me put on Annick Goutal’s Tubereuse for the SOTD.

  4. MrsDalloway

    Tiens! I salute your courage and indefatigability. I drunkenly ordered a travel spray of Carnal Flower to make up free delivery on a FiF order of Cuir X. But they’re hopefully letting me swap it for some Knize Ten shaving soap and a sample of Sacrebleu.

  5. MrsDalloway

    The ivy is a nice touch.

  6. Must have been a spectacular performance, judging by the imagery and the Kate Bush soundtrack.

  7. wow – just wow. I find your performance and costume highly inspiring!

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