plum blossom




last walk around the block for quite some time

I have always loved the shape and scent of these classically springtime trees


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  1. Stephen

    Get well soon! I will light some incense for you tonight when I get home. You simply have the best , most well-written and passionate perfume site on the web. I always open your posts knowing that I will learn something new,or will see some pretty cool photography! I hardly ever comment, but I do always read. Thank you.

  2. Lilybelle

    It’s true, there is always something delicious to read or look at here. 🙂 Everything will go well and you will be up and about and feeling better in no time.

    I love plum trees, too. My husband just planted a peach and two plum trees in our front yard. When we lived in Virginia there was a main road I used to drive down, I’ve forgotten the name of course, but it was lined with ornamental (not fruit bearing) plum trees, and in spring when they were in bloom it was like driving through a gorgeous mauve aura as far as the road went. They weren’t the same as Japanese plum trees, I suppose. I loved them. At the moment, here in Mississippi, the azaleas are past their prime, but the plums are blooming, and the wisteria, too, and some kind of pale pink and white blossom on trees that I don’t know are everywhere. It is truly spring here. xx

  3. It sounds really beautiful. Azaleas don’t come here until May – when I will be out, hopefully.

    Thanks for your continued support.

    It’s funny – I was just thinking of you because Duncan was clearing out a closet and found that old package I had sent you and which was returned and I just opened it (I couldn’t resist): I couldn’t remember which Joy flacon it was, and it was the black one with the red cap.

    Smells perfect. I hope one day I can get it to you somehow. Can perfume travel within the States?

    • Lilybelle

      Oh, how funny. And sweet! I feel badly about that package. It was so kind of you to send it, and I had relocated. I have moved so many times over the past eight or nine years I feel like a permanent nomad. Yes, perfume can travel here in the states if you lie about the contents of the package, which makes me so anxious that I’ve stopped sending fragrance. I feel my guilt is plainly written across my face. Friends lie with ease. One says “plumbing parts”. Another says “snow globes”. I have used “Christmas ornaments” but it does explain the slosh, which there isn’t because I wrap it so well, but I’m still afraid they can hear something. The torture!! Lol! ♡

      • I know I know. Maybe someday when I am in the States (when that evil fuckwit is out of power) I will happily lie as well – or get an American to do it for me!

  4. Beautiful plum blossom! I have never experienced one.
    I am just returning to your blog after a long pause due to moving into a new home on Feb 1 (after a year of being a nomad), starting a new job, and not having internet. I’ve been indulging here this morning to find you are heading to the hospital for knee surgery!
    I just want to wish you well! I have known several people who have gone through surgery. Not sure if yours is for arthritis or injury. And even though I have a deep aversion and distrust for hospitals and surgery, the knee surgery one is a good thing.
    My mother had replacement in her 80’s and my son had a repair after suffering repeated kneecap dislocation. There have been others. I am always amazed by how quickly they have recovered. My mom went on to hike pyramids and son became a college athlete. Yogis yogi’d on and etc.
    So hang in there! I love your choices of perfumes and oils. It will be interesting to hear how the nurses and doctors respond!
    All the best to you. Healing vibes coming at ya!

  5. MrsDalloway

    Hope it goes incredibly smoothly and your recovery is fast.

  6. David

    I wish you a speedy recovery! I read your previous posts and I totally understand your fear. I guess the way I’d handle it would be to think of it as a much needed rest. Also, thankful for the Japanese health care system. A chance to read and write a lot. And thankful to have a company that understands your situation. Sorry if I sound preachy. I just want to say I’ll be praying for you.

    • No no no I am very very grateful for each and every comment like this. It honestly alleviates and means a lot to me. I don’t know most of your faces or that much about you but I feel you anyway. Seriously. Arigato!

  7. Grayspoole

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery with nothing but excellent results from your surgery, dear Neil. You are brave and wise to face this now and not accept limitations on your life and activities. Orthopedic surgeons can do amazing things. Forza!
    I’ve been so busy with work and family and trying to withstand the soul-destroying energies of the current American political climate that I haven’t had a chance to comment much lately but I am always thrilled to see a new post here. I am ashamed to admit that I have been thinking selfishly that your upcoming enforced rest will give you a lot of time to write more. (See how terrible and insatiable we perfume junkies are?)
    I have also wanted to tell you that you inspired me to acquire a vintage Narcisse Noir parfum after being intensely disappointed with a 1980’s (?) EDT spray a while ago. (The black box/bottle with the multicolored logo turned out to be nothing but watery dish soap on me.) The vintage parfum is another thing entirely. Inside its black box, the bottle sits, waiting, exhaling deep, narcotic florality. I think it’s a perfume for Blanche DuBois, so perhaps I should wear it on my next visit to New Orleans and pretend to be tragic Southern belle.

    • How utterly fantastic. I love love love this idea. YES: watery dish soap – I know exactly what you mean. Crap, isn’t it? The perfume is MEANT to be deep, narcotic florality so I am delighted that you have experienced it in its intended way.

      As for writing, who knows? I am assuming that once I get through the initial stages of the operation and the physio, which sounds horrible and exhausting, I will have time on my hands to do writing. It keeps me fully alive.

  8. Neil, thinking of you and hope all will go well. Listen to good music and wear all your favorite perfumes…it will help you during the healing process.

    • Thanks a lot. I am thinking about packing some more in, actually; things I like and samples I haven’t yet reviewed because it keeps the colour in my brain and simply makes me happy. I need to ‘rise above’ a bit, if you know what I mean. Japan is a catastrophically scent-retarded nation, but I am NOT

  9. gail

    You’ve so got this!!

  10. I’m hopeful — confident, even — that your next trip around that same block will be blessedly pain-free. Another reader/devoted fan who is thinking of you and wishing you a successful surgery and recovery.

    Love, Robin

    • Yesterday’s was a DISASTER. I really shouldn’t have done it as it made everything so much worse. I was shocked by the extent of it. The good thing is though that now I absolutely realise that there is no going back. I NEED this operation so I am just going to go for it.

      • Ric sends his best. He was in the same place a month ago, with a different issue that had the same effect: terrible, painful walking. Same thing: no going back, NEEDING the operation. He had surgery on March 2nd. It’s one leg at a time, but the first leg feels infinitely better already and he’s thrilled. Hope you have the same results.

      • Yey: bring on the positivity and good luck to him. Thanks x

  11. Kathy

    I too read your posts eagerly but rarely comment-I m wishing you a smooth & hassle-free recovery! I love your writing and I have learned so much from you! Kathy

  12. ninakane1

    Good luck tomorow, Neil. Will be thinking of you sending strength, protection and calm, and balm for easy healing. You’re going to be ok. Xxx

  13. Wishing you all the best on a successful surgery and a rapid, worry free recovery. I will keep you in my thoughts and send healing vibes. xxx

  14. All the very best wishes for your surgery, as we say “she’ll be right mate”… that’s Aussie speak for “it will be OK” xx

  15. Helen

    Another fan of your delicious writing here just to send best wishes and bon courage.

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