Source: THE BELOVED (vol 1): CALECHE D’HERMES (1961) & ARPEGE DE LANVIN (1927)


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7 responses to “THE BELOVED (vol 1): CALECHE D’HERMES (1961) & ARPEGE DE LANVIN (1927)

  1. Hi I have taken my daughters bottle of Kelly Caleche (she takes all my good lipsticks lol) obviously not the same Caleche….and also have an unopened bottle of Arpege bought 10 years ago.I used to wear Arpege in the 1980’s when an aunt had introduced me to it. Might have to open it!
    Really beautiful writing Ginza!
    I love your posts, and cant help feeling ripped off in modern times of the reformulations of perfumes…man…but of course if you don’t know what your missing right?

  2. MrsDalloway

    How funny you just reposted this – I’m just waiting for a vintage PdT of Calèche to arrive from an eBay purchase. A blind buy but I’m hopeful. Hope all is well with you.

    • The PdT can be quite sandalwoody but on occasion, perfect – especially if you wait a while and let it settle.


      • n when quite old, the vintage is of such quality that you eventually get the true Caleche spirit.

        The parfum is the ultimate, though: ironically more subtle than all other concentrations but purer, more beautiful.

        Writing this from my hospital bed. Duncan has just left for his hotel

      • MrsDalloway

        Hope you have a good night and all goes very smoothly.

        I do like proper sandalwood so that sounds promising – if I like the PdT I’ll definitely look out for the parfum though.

      • just not as a spray!

        preferably boxed dab on

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