bionic narcissus


MY new legs.


i just can’t use them yet.


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  1. Onwards and upwards! Wishing you well in your recovery.

  2. Wow, they’re quite the feat of engineering. Rather impressive. I guess you’ll be setting off every metal detector at HND now. Cool. Flash those X-rays and you’ll be through with a round of high-fives. Congratulations on your new high-tech equipment!

    • The surgeon seemed rather proud of his work hence the immediate X-ray souvenir!

      As for customs, I know…. I groan at the thought of future travel ( but how great if I can walk for miles and miles wherever I go….)

      Right now that seems IMPOSSIBLE but I did just, aided, just about manage to get into a wheelchair and go to physio: Tuesday I was paralyzed, so it felt like a real feat

      • I know from Ric’s experiences post-surgery how astonishingly fast a body can start — and continue — to recover. I’m thrilled for you. Just having this !#$%^&* operation DONE makes me thrilled for you, and your preternatural progress is icing on the cake. I love the idea that you’ll be able to walk without all the pain, because I know how you love to roam. . .

      • Roaming seems IMPOSSIBLY far off right now. I literally can’t even stand up by myself, but then it’s only 50 hours since the operation and they are SO swollen so what can I expect!

        Can Ric walk a whole lot better now?

      • Hope you’re not experiencing too much pain — or “discomfort” as Ric’s doctors are fond of saying, euphemistically.

        The dear man is walking without any pain now in that leg. Other leg gets done mid-May. Leg bypass surgery, 40 stitches groin to knee. The only issue is the itch of the stitches and a bit of pain where most of the work was done. It’s amazing what doctors can do. I’m in awe. And grateful. Nothing worse than seeing a loved one in pain and fear. Huge relief. I’m happy for you and expecting that you’ll be sprinting down the hospital hallways in no time.

        I still can’t believe how good those x-rays of yours look. Très chic. Bionic is a good word. Aren’t you glad you’re living in the 21st century?

        I hop that the fragrances you’re wearing now will give you good memories down the road. You wouldn’t want any traumatic associations to get attached to your No 19.

      • They already have and I have just started writing about it here in my room in the dark,slightly hallucinating from a sleeping pill I have just been given but which is instead becoming a bit of a William Burroughs experience.

        God I am SO neurotic about SO many things: the first two nights I was just so exhausted that I kept dropping off at any time, but I was stronger and much more compos mentis today and every machine and drip noise or noise from the corridor is making me panic internally.

  3. You will! And you will be out and about sooner than you think.
    Hang in there.

  4. Lilybelle

    Wow! That’s amazing. Miraculous. You’re going to be running matathons!

  5. empliau

    We have the technology … we can make him better, stronger, faster.

    He already smells fabulous, though …

    • But I can’t WASH..

      One nurse DID, though, admittedly, comment on the ‘aroma’ from my room in the corridor.

      I THINK it had a positive connotation…

      • empliau

        Try some baby wipes. From my experience with a baby, I can attest that they have decent cleaning power. And they’re easier to use in a hospital bed than soap and water.

  6. ninakane1

    Fabulous! A new era. Sending you strength and healing xxx

  7. Brilliant news! How great that the surgeon was so pleased with how the op went. It’s going to give you such a new lease of life. Exciting times.
    All the best for your recovery. I know it will be a slow road but it’s only going to get better from here.

  8. Julie

    Incredible! I wish you a healthy recovery! And I truly enjoy your writing. 😊

  9. Wow, Neil, I did not realize you were doing a bilateral knee replacement. I guess I have been too out of touch. I thought it was just one. The surgeon seems to have done a very neat job! I send you oodles of good wishes for a speedy and uncomplicated recovery. I hope you have the best physical therapists and great pain meds in the meantime. Healing vibes, man!

    • Thanks Tora. Actually it’s more complicated than a knee replacement: a bi-lateral open wedge high tibial osteomoty ( I keep saying lobotomy but I think I am ok in that department for a while longer).

      When I first came round I deeply regretted it. Why couldn’t I have just done them one at a time? But the amount of hospitalization would have been untenable for my work, and I suppose I just thought do both and then come through it gradually. But I literally can’t walk and will have to learn again from scratch. It’s actually quite terrifying but I am intent on being positive.

  10. The X-rays are vert impressive; the surgeon did a wonderful job. This will make such a difference in your quality of life, just you wait and see. As each day passes, you will find you are able to do more and more, that is the upside of the recovery period, and the pain will lessen. Glad you have made it through with flying colours.

    • Thanks again for all your encouragement. When you finally make that trip to Japan I hope to be able to show you around, in person, ON FOOT!

      Right now that idea feels impossible as I am stuck in bed and am very far from walking unassisted. But it is only 48 hours or so since what was very major surgery so I should probably be easier on myself.

      • You should be easier on yourself, it will all come in due time. Just do all of your exercises in physio and be patient, you will see how quickly things progress. For the time being, just focus on healing and resting, your body needs to rebuild.
        I am definitely looking forward to coming to Japan and it will be fabulous to do much walking with you, seeing all those fabulous places there. I won’t feel so bad dragging you around all those shops now, knowing you are bionic and such 🙂
        Take care and make sure you are sleeping enough.

  11. This is utterly amazing. I’m glad you are starting to improve. Every day better and better! Sending you citrus scented sunshine!

  12. Congratulations! Getting past the dread of the surgery itself is so uplifting. I have had surgery on both knees but not at once. (I think my hip is next-sigh) The most wonderful moment for me was when I could go to the bathroom on a walker by myself. I know, TMI possibly.

    • You’re joking. I am desperate for a frank subject on that very subject. Constipation seems like heaven compared to the utter indignity of having to shit into these adult diapers I am forced to wear, or worse, you just proffer up your posterior and they collect the door in a tray. I would DIE. I am desperately worried about this point, actually, even if my way of expressing it is a tad indelicate.The other option I have been told of I is get there in a wheelchair by yourself but I can’t yet so I can only imagine the joy you must have had in being able to take control of this vital part of human dignity! It will be day 4 tomorrow and I might have to face the music.

      • phunhaus

        Actually, on the third day after drinking a bit of milk of magnesia ( the staff did not like sulky bowels) I did have to GO. I pitched a bit of a fit and requested a potty chair (just like it sounds, a wheelchair with an opening and a bedpan beneath). They lowered my hospital bed as far down as it would go, pushed the chair against the bed and with a lot of sweat and lip biting I was lifted onto the chair. I chased everyone out, including family, closed my eyes and thought of everything relaxing, and not about what I needed to get done and it worked! I rang the buzzer, requested baby wipes and found that getting back into bed was somewhat easier. This process became more routine in a few days. I cannot take morphine or derivatives (allergy) so constipation from pain drugs was not as big a problem as it is for many people. There were many times that I wished I had “male” equipment because the act of peeing would have been much easier. Sigh. Anyway, as you see, I survived it and with time you don’t really care or remember the indignities.

      • For Ric, having to “go” and being mobile enough to get there coincided nicely, so hope the same goes for you. (Hope that was frank enough yet discreet enough.) You haven’t mentioned nausea so that, hopefully, means you’ve managed to avoid that nuisance, which can happen with strong pain meds. All in all, given how much you’ve already written and how lucid it seems, you’re feeling pretty perky!

      • I am! And not the nausea type at all. Nor fever either. Weird night’s sleep though…

  13. Renee Stout

    I’m fascinated by those images, so thank you for sharing them. I wish you a speedy recovery! Take care.

  14. MrsDalloway

    Oh, fantastic knees! Wishing you all the best.

  15. ZĂźbeyde Erdem

    You are really strong person that I was expecting. Your recovery power is unbelievable.

    • I think it is very slow. I am frustrated.

      Are you still in Japan? If you could visit me in the next two weeks that would be great. You have beautiful healing powers: I remember when you touched me in Asagaya ( wearing Aromatics Elixir ) and it felt like real magic!

  16. Hey, looking good in black and white! Amazing what can be done in modern medicine…Wishing you all the best in your healing.

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