but I can’t write, sorry






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35 responses to “alive

  1. jennyredhen

    I like your glasses.

  2. Maybe you can’t write, but we know you smell good!

    • Except when I was moved from the bed today and smelled the sweat reek from my back..,

      The nursing staff all smell really good though. I am surprised. Either just well showered and shampooed or actually perfumed. One smells a bit like Feminite du Bois!

      • That is surprising! I remember you commented that Japanese culture is not big on perfume/scents. It’s a mystery for you to uncover! Sometimes the drugs used create unusual body odors. I have experienced this. And they may also altar the sense of smell…

      • Oh yes. My next post will be about this very thing I think! Me being me, the whole experience is already saturated with scent memories, good and bad.

      • Can’t wait! To your continued improvement!

  3. Alive is the main thing. We can wait for the writing. Cute pic!

    • I was writing in my head right up to the very moment I went under but even replying here feels difficult. I appreciate the comments though so want to!

    • I was writing in my head right up to the very moment I went under but even replying here feels difficult. I appreciate the comments though so want to! The first 24 hours were sheer hell. I am completely disabled, which is shocking to accept, but my spirits are up and I INTEND to recover fully!

  4. Holly

    Eyes on the prize, buddy. You did this to achieve something, and focus on that goal. You will be walking towards what is awaiting you. It won’t be easy. Just do it.

  5. Lilybelle

    Well, hey there, Gimpy. How you feeling?

  6. Russell

    Alive is good. Sending you good thoughts for a full and speedy recovery.

  7. Stephen

    Great news!

  8. Looking good Neil! I am so glad the operation is behind you. Now on to the rehab. You will be happy you did it eventually. Most of the people I know who had that op are ecstatic about the results…but I would bet none of them smelled as good as you. Happy Healing.

  9. Alive is good! Happy healing …

  10. empliau

    Mazeltov on alive. You look remarkably good for someone in a hospital!

  11. Peter

    I have followed your blog for years.
    I’m an ex nurse of 40 years. I know what you are going through.
    Cheers from Adelaide, South Australia.

  12. Nice to see you – to see you, nice!

  13. Grayspoole

    I’ve been thinking of you, and I am so glad to see you posting post-op, looking very elegant in your hospital greens! Rest, rehabilitate, and write when you can.

    • I will try to, but I don’t have the internet, only my phone, which is much harder to write a real piece on. I am sure I will anyway.

      And yes, I must say I rather like these pale jade greens..

  14. Good to see you alive. Hope you are ok, all things considered. R

  15. Glad all is OK…hope they’re pumping you full of body numbing comforting drugs 🙂

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