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I need your help: : a question


This time next weekend I will already have been hospitalized and it is virtually all that I can think about.

That’s that, but what about this week? I have finished work, and am at home. The hospital staff told me last week that if I got a cold the operation would be cancelled, or at the very least postponed (and this surgeon is very hard to book).

Naturally, immediately after being told this I get a cold, or at least some discomfort in my chest – which could be psychosomatic, or simply anxiety – and so went to the doctor’s yesterday near my house to get antibiotics just in case.

I actually feel fine;  no fever (although the phlegm is not imaginary).

But this morning I read that some surgeons won’t operate if you have even had a cold or sinus problems or anything like that even SIX WEEKS before a procedure, let alone a week.

So do I have to tell the truth? When the anesthesiologist comes to check on me and asks me if I have had any colds, then what should I say?

I HAVE TO GET THIS OPERATION. It has been so hard to set it all up, and the time off has been sorted out with my school, and I just want to get the damned thing over with.

But I also feel trapped, like I shouldn’t leave the house in case I am ‘exposed’ to more bacteria or viruses, this being exactly the season for colds and all the rest as the weather changes, cold and warm, spring trying really hard to drag itself now through the vestiges of winter, but I fear going out into town (we did yesterday, my ‘last day’ if you like ; had a nice meal – but too much wine (stupid! but it helps me to relax and take my mind off the horror, and trust me, last week’s explanations of the procedure in great detail really did sound like horror). I know that this isn’t good though, especially for the immune system,and that I need to be in tip-top shape for next Monday.

The question: if it were you, would you just sequester yourself away at home until the day, to be on the safe side?  Or do you think it would be ok for me to go out?

It is my last week before six weeks stuck inside the hospital and then four months of rehabilitation at home. This is my last chance (I can’t walk so well, but with painkillers I can) to get out and feel free:  I feel like a ‘last day’ in Yokohama, to just go to the perfume recycle shops because that would give me a boost ; forgive the morbid thinking, I just can’t help it (and any readers out there who feel like just giving me a slap, please do: I know that there are far far far worse situations I could be in – this is ‘just’ my legs) but right now I just feel rather panicked. You should be in my dreams…….

My robe for hospital has been washed and scented heavily with No 19 this morning (because I just had to). My underwear is now being rinsed with lemon and vetiver (because at the very least I am going to do my damnedest not to stink). I have bought and assembled a box of some beautiful essential oils. But should I now just be staying here in the house – Duncan will be free from Friday when his spring break begins  – or would it be ok for me to go out? A Japanese person would wear one of those Michael Jackson surgical masks, which about 40% of the population wears here at any given time, and I suppose that I could do, but foreigners look somehow kind of sinister when they do so and in any case I would just feel like a fool. Again, they just make me feel trapped. 

Anyone in health care or who has had similar experiences or knows someone who has, I eagerly await your advice. Will I be able to have the operation as scheduled ? Must I stay here in this house like an imprisoned, nervous wreck?


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Mon serpent, mon cygne…………… D’HUMEUR JALOUSE by L’ARTISAN PARFUMEUR (1994) + L’OMBRE DANS L’EAU by DIPTYQUE (1983) + EAU DE CAMPAGNE by SISLEY (1974)

Opheodrys_aestivusPCCP20030524-0823BSource: Mon serpent, mon cygne…………… D’HUMEUR JALOUSE by L’ARTISAN PARFUMEUR (1994) + L’OMBRE DANS L’EAU by DIPTYQUE (1983) + EAU DE CAMPAGNE by SISLEY (1974)

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The Black Narcissus



We went to a snake shop in Yokohama earlier this evening, as the D is doing a snake-based dance piece at a tiny theatre in Tokyo tomorrow night and we wondered if there might be some last minute props.

The ‘hebiya‘, or place that sells all things dead snakeish, has been there forever it would seem; unchanging in the nineteen years that I have been in this country  (though I have never been inside, or if I have it was only once, and long ago) : dried, and dessicated, whitening snake bodies in the window panes, a man at the end of the shop beyond wooden Chinese screens who, when he looks at you from afar, makes you feel you shouldn’t enter.

We did anyway today but god the stench: I was so disoriented by it I couldn’t even bring myself to take photos (these here are stock…

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With my impending hospitalization two weeks from now, and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un sending missiles over the water in preparation to attack US military sites in Japan (the primary one being Yokosuka, where I am having my surgery! Yey!) ; with fascist governments on the rise left right and centre in Europe and Marine Le Pen about to ascend to the presidency of France, as well as utter madness reigning in the country formally known as the United States Of America, forgive me if I am in the mood for escape.



Going up the escalator the other day in Fujisawa, in yet another moribund department store from another age – that dying breed, where the aged shop for wigs and overpriced cardigans and parasols and umbrellas and pearls, and muzak floats above the generally empty floors, and assistants surreptitiously glance at their wrist watches… to my surprise and suddenly revivified heartbeat I unexpectedly came across a small, temporary concession by a vivacious lady selling perfumes.



Organic, floral perfumes from Hawaii.






Naturally making a beeline straight for the most tropical (oh TAKE, ME, TO, ARUANDA), from just one sniff I knew I simply couldn’t resist buying Puakenkeni  – even though it wasn’t cheap – because  HOW MANY FLOWERS MUST HAVE BEEN USED IN MAKING IT?







Lush tropical flowers rise up from the bottle; rasped with apple -like undertones and harshish FKA twigs of greenery and indolic, island realness, but, really, this is just the real smelling flowers from the plushfully, leifully, fragrant bushes of the Fagraea Berteriana species, indigenous to Hawaii.



Oh how I have been enjoying this. Natural it may be, but rather than the cool-breathed cream of the plumeria and other white flowers that I know so well in perfume and in the flesh, to me this smells fuchsia- red : purple, even (if it were a man-made perfume it would be a cross perhaps between Chanel’s Gardenia – which is why I put up that post again the other day because it so reminded me of it – plus a touch, if you please,  of Christian Dior Poison – I wore Puakenikeni out on the town in Tokyo on Saturday night – my last time of socializing and flamboyance before I start hunkering down pre-operation, and this perfume smelled GOOD, really nice – I was drenched in it, essentially, though I had applied it much earlier in the day; had my hoodie togs dipped in the Chanel Gardenia  extrait (another one of my weirdo tricks),: and then just before I met my friends, a touch of vintage Poison esprit de parfum, just a microscopic dot on each knuckle, as the compliments flowed in …………….’.god, you smell divine...’); full, sharp, alive, upbeat and healthy, but drying down – and this is the best part for me – to nothing but flowers. 



So many ‘soliflores’ or floral melanges end up as either modern, or old-fashioned, musks, or else there is ‘cedar’ and ‘vanilla’ and, horror of horrors, ‘blonde woods’ and all the rest of it, and this can be nice if you are always intent on the full fragrant pyramid; insist on the full encyclopaedic note-fest; but sometimes, you know,  I just want that stamened, petallic flora.



The end notes of Puakenkeni,  – and they last all day in the most subtle, but sentient , skin scent – are just that; blue sky dreams;  jasmine-like fusions with the body and the mind ; an oasis of wind-kissed evasion:  : : :  and a chance, throughout the day, to just forget all the ugliness that is going on this strange, twisted, world of ours, and to instead just focus on the beauty.






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THE UNUSUAL AND UNEXPECTED INFLUENCE OF THE UNFAIRLY MALIGNED CHANEL GARDENIA + eight more examples of this exquisite, luscious flower


Source: THE UNUSUAL AND UNEXPECTED INFLUENCE OF THE UNFAIRLY MALIGNED CHANEL GARDENIA + eight more examples of this exquisite, luscious flower

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for tis the season of hyacinths

Source: CHAMADE by GUERLAIN (1969)

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