hydrangeas for vampires




June 29, 2017 · 1:52 pm

11 responses to “hydrangeas for vampires

  1. Nancysg

    Do you have a garden with these? Or perhaps you found them on a stroll now that your knees are recovering. Either way, hydrangeas are favorite of mine. I try to keep a bouquet of them dried in my house.

  2. MrsDalloway

    The pink and blue hydrangeas are such a seaside boarding house plant here. Those look far more glamorously decadent.

    You have peonies too, don’t you? My newly planted viburnum croaked so I’m thinking of a nice blousy white peony as a replacement.

    • I prefer peonies by about 700%. Possibly my favourite flowers. Adorable. So beautiful. If I am honest with you, I hate hydrangeas.
      These appealed to me in an Isabelle Adjani Werner Herzog kind of way as a maiden in Nosferatu. Or else a Southern Gothic resonance. Actual blue hydrangeas….I can see them from my window now where I am writing- they are EVERYWHERE here – it’s a kind of hydrangea nightmare.

  3. Lilybelle

    Why for vampires, because they’re luminous in the night? Or, oh I see, they’re colorless. They’re lovely. Do you also have in Japan the pale white and green ones that turn a pinky bronze in autumn?

  4. I like hydrangeas in small doses, but like you I would much prefer peonies. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers ever, just adore them.

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