Monday night, or should I say Tuesday morning





June 29, 2017 · 1:48 pm

17 responses to “Monday night, or should I say Tuesday morning

  1. There is a story here. Fantastic clock.

  2. jennyredhen

    Not sure about this.. Is this a lifesize doll??

  3. Looks like a still from an indie movie I would love to watch. Perfect set dec, composition and lighting. Wow!

  4. jennyredhen

    Robin did the message you got say your computer is now infected with some virus ( I forget the name) and all your files are being copied including credit card and Facebook login details and to ring some number??

    • … because of replying on here? God I hope not!

      • Lawd a-Mercy, I hope not! No, I think we’re safe. And, hey, not your fault. This stuff gets weird all the time. Just a good reminder to keep up my Norton anti-virus subscription. I do hope that jennyredhen’s experience turns out to be a cyber-bluff.

      • Are those the ‘your computer is infected with a virus – act now!’ type exhortations? D says to ignore them, but I don’t know.

      • Ignore them, definitely.

    • No, jenny, I don’t recall that the message said that. When it started to rapidly cycle through other websites across the very top of my screen where the https addresses are, I immediately clicked the Close icon. It all happened so fast that I didn’t read the exact details of the initial screen.

      I do hope that your message was some kind of hoax and that your files are intact.

      • Has this post activated all this? Has the literal theft of this experience become cyber?

        Robin please advise! Are we about to experience the imminent death of The Black Narcissus?

  5. jennyredhen

    it was clicking on that link under A touch of Sin…all hell broke loose haha I immediately did a full scan and nothing was detected so assume I am OK..

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