the end of summer





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9 responses to “the end of summer

  1. Great shot and a fitting image.

    • Suddenly so cold this morning as Duncan came with me to the hospital bus stop.

      • Since I know what it’s like to be inordinately fond of summer, I hope that summer has not in fact ended and comes back to you for several more glorious weeks.

      • And for you too. Here in Japan it will, actually – September (when I first arrived here) can be roasting hot, but as you know, the LIGHT is different. I have written about this before, but although I detest the cold, in some ways I actually prefer winter because at least you know it is cold, it stays cold, you heat the house, and you get used to it, you dress for it, you resign yourself to it, and you start to almost love it (obviously, all seasons are completely beautiful in their own way).

        My problem is that I have no resistance in my body to cold, and we go here from months of it being always about 24-30 degrees, hotter in August, and my body gets so used to it, like a lizard, it is my natural temperature (really, I should live in Indonesia). Last night it was 19, which many would find really hot, but I was panicking! It’s a drama I go through every year: Duncan gets really sick of it.

        Many people say that October/November is the best time to visit Japan as it is often Sunny all the time but not too hot. It is, and the light can be exquisite at this time with the falling leaves (which I don’t really appreciate any more, I much prefer them green). The metaphors with death fears are obvious, I know – the exhilarating surge of life in Spring in Summer, the loss of it in Autumn. As I get older, it has all just become too overtly metaphorical!

      • I’m like you. Resistance to cold: zero. It was the thing that has made skiing Whistler and the Rockies such a mixed bag all my life, as much as I love skiing itself. As a little kid, going up the mountain on the chairlift, snow drilling sideways though my cheeks, frigid wind going right through my down ski jacket to my skin, I used to cry quite regularly. All smiles and exhilaration skiing down, all suffering and sobs riding up.

        Semi-reptilian, I love the heat until it gets up past about 27. Then I wilt and can’t put a sentence together. The sure cure here is a long swim in our 16 degree ocean. Sharpens me right up.

        September and October can be exquisite here, too; the Salish Sea becomes so calm and a paler blue; the light golden, mellow. I would think that in Japan it would be quieter, with fewer tourists, than in Spring with all the cherry blossom hoopla.

        I used to get pretty damn melancholy when I started to sense Autumn edging its way in: cooler mornings, a touch of cold in the breeze or in the shade. Come to think, I can still get that way. There is that metaphorical thing, absolutely. And our Novembers are legendary for being unrelentingly rainy, just the definition of dismal. Oh god, I don’t even want to think about it, Neil!

  2. It is a beautiful photo…real but abstract as well and I love the black and white image. I am also in complete agreement with your feelings about the seasons.

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