the gimmies







Aaagggh! My friend Joan just, or a few hours ago, out of the blue, or I only just noticed it because I was too absorbed in Downton Abbey, sends me a message, and a picture attached, saying




‘fancy any of these?’




GrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrI need to be there, where it is (it looks like Shinagawa flea market, which recently has yielded absolutely nothing), NOW, barter a little bit; hoover it all up. All the Shalimars, maybe even the Jade Jagger redesigned bottle, if it is cheap enough, even if I don’t quite like the juice as much.  I need those refills though so I can just spray wantonly. Carelessly. And I have just spotted a Must Parfum ( isn’t it? or you tell me, is it the edt? ) which I don’t have a full bottle of and WANT. Real treasure. Gorgeous. Those original Chanel No 19 EDPs in the silver square bottles, also, particularly, which I remember with great fondness from my university days and have never  personally used (I always remember it being sharper, crisper, more irisey and green. AAAAAAAAGGGH I WANT THEM.)




And isn’t that Guerlain’s Winter Delice at the back, on the left? I need it! Only the other day, while vacuuming, D unearthed my miniature of this delicious and strange sweet frankincense delight, which is down at most, now, to two Christmas Day helpings (when I really like to wear it). The full bottle I once had, and cherished, he once used in some performance piece or other (almost choking the audience to death) and it somehow got lost. God knows how. I was really disappointed. It is one of those singular, unrepeatable fragrances that have ‘acquired taste’ written all over them, and how fantastic it would be to have a brand new bottle again. A weird coincidence. And people, what is the Allegoria at the front with the pink ribbon? Don’t I need it? Can you identify it? I have a great fondness for the Allegorias. I have a dream of one day coming across a bottle of the gorgeous Lys Soleia. Could it possibly be that?




Looking more intently, to the back, it’s true that I already have a bottle of Boudoir, which I love to wear on occasion –   it totally suits me, oddly enough –  but bizarrely, I gave my bottle of Vivienne Westwood Sin Garden, the flanker, to Duncan to give to a Dominatrix Mistress of Tokyo only yesterday, for her ‘Haunted Carnival’ rope tying party last night (I wasn’t up to going, but she had recently sent me get well flowers and I wanted to return the favour, and who doesn’t like being given an unexpected bottle of perfume? ) He promised he would try to get me another bottle if he ever came across one again – and here one is ( or is it, in fact, another Westwood perfume that I rather like:  : : :  Libertine?)




What else do we espy among the plastic wrapped semi-detritus selection of fine ‘vintage’ perfume splayed out on a blanket at the flea market? Eau Sauvage Extreme; love it, but my one bottle is quite enough ( I wear it on occasion and remember my delicate youth) ; Dolce Vita – want; Poison – want (that is Burning Bush’s true signature scent now) ; Tresor – want; and that isn’t that Gucci Eau De Parfum, is it, the thing at the front, that orange blossom heliotrope delight that is so cuddly and comforting ? WANT. Hypnotic Poison? Want. . And I am not right in thinking that we can see a vintage, probably parfum, of that increasingly endangered species, the incredible spice animal that is Yves Saint Laurent’s original, unreformulated, Opium?  WANT.






In short.





Is there anything I fancy?








Pretty much the whole damn lot.  










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14 responses to “the gimmies

  1. Wow, I see some pre-reform CD Addict❤️ So many treasures😍 Enjoy!

    • I can’t – I am not there!

      How much was Addict changed? I am not that familiar with it.

      • There is Addict 2 also😊 Well, you are in for a treat👃🏾 I love the original, to be fair, I haven’t tried the reforms of either but I’ve read it’s not the same😉 Much like Miss Dior Cherie which came out around that time too.

      • A bit too clammily sweet for me then! I do think all the Diors have been quite heinously watered down though, which only makes these originals (which would probably have been really cheap) all the more essential and appetizing. I HATE remakes!

      • I love vanilla, I really want to add the original Addict, a large bottle, to my collection😍 I only have the remnants of a mini to cherish for now, I love the scent or perhaps more the memories I associate with it😊

      • My mum once had a bottle but I didn’t feel it was quite right for her. As you probably know, I am also a vanilla freak, even if these days my tooth is a little bit less sweet than it used to be. Shalimar is just the right amount for me and seeing the old bottle there like that drives me crazy.

  2. I have 2 Shalimar variants, Eau legere and du Mexique, adore both. Want to have a vintage one day, not a fan of Modern Shalimar:/

  3. Gimme gimme indeed. I’ll take them No 19s (a decent change-up from the EdT every now and then; I find some nice rose nuances in the heart) and that there vintage Must parfum.

  4. carole

    omg-the first thins I saw is the Christian Dior small trio of stuff in the bottom left WANT. It’s their body line from about 1997 . A rose body exfoliator that actually works, and the milky body lotion.

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