MY SINFUL STASH: : : : this week’s gorgeous haul of rare, pristine, delectable extraits at the vintage Tokyo flea markets ..

Rereading this old piece on fleamarket finds from exactly four years ago this morning put into clearer perspective how much things, when it comes to vintage perfume, in a short space of time, have changed.


There I am yesterday raving about these relatively vulgar perfumes that I still like quite a bit but couldn’t get my hands on (and which are getting rarer and rarer), and yet I read through this bonanza entry from 2013 and realise that I was practically SWIMMING in pristine vintage gorgeousness without even entirely being aware of just how lucky I was.


It just reminds me once again how much a truly finite supply these old perfumes are….and that that knowledge, can only, ultimately, make the buying, smelling, and wearing of these treasures all the more loaded, meaningful, and precious.

The Black Narcissus


At the beginning of every month, after just getting paid, I skim some money off the top of my salary as my ‘free for all splurge’; a guilt-free sum I can just go out and spend on something I really want. This month, as I am very much back in a vanillic, comforting amber kind of mood, I was considering getting the Van Cleef Vanille Orchidée perhaps, just as an easy (if possibly pedestrian) vanilla scent to see me through the coming colder months, or, maybe, another bottle of Serge Lutens Louve, that syrupy, gooey cherry-almond vanilla scent I find so enjoyable when the occasion is right.

As luck would have it, though, Sunday and Monday brought different, even more luxurious, dividends. It’s funny how intuition (or premonitions…) can work: when a place suddenly comes into your mind for no reason, somewhere you haven’t been for a while, and you…

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