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44 responses to “IT’s MY BIRTHDAY and I’ll NAHEMA If I WANT TO

  1. Happy Birthday Neil…spray, spray, spray to your heart’s content! Wishing you many more happy and healthy years (and I am sure you will always smell great)!

  2. Tara C

    Happy birthday and many fragrant returns! You smell mahvelous.

  3. Happy birthday with beautiful Nahema.

  4. MrsDalloway

    Happy birthday! How wonderful, and those chocolates look a perfect accompaniment.

  5. Happy birthday Neil San. I wish, it brings you all the happiness, health and wealth in your heart !


    Happy Birthday Neil. Nice to chat to you, sounds like you are having a great time
    Hope you enjoyed your meal and the show.
    Lots of love to you both.
    Daphne and Rodxx

  7. Chocolate Marzipan

    happy Birthday! what a lovely treat…you are a lucky man to have such a wonderful husband as Duncan!!! and that bottle…gorgeous!!! ( I will take a piece of chocolate, please)

    • Chocolate Marzipan

      and yes, I keep forgetting that your birthday is very close to my “barking buddha” who turns 18 in four days..I bought her a large bottle of Ginger Biscuit as she prefers her perfumes on the gourmand side (her favorite being Dame Perfumery Black Flower Mexican really need to get your hands on that one)…Ginger Biscuit was a Jo Malone LE release several years ago, sold out, came back in very limited quantities but only sold in London during the Christmas season and now is back in the States in limited release so I snatched it up as she really likes it.

  8. Happy Birthday, Neil!!!

  9. Cath

    Congrats! You smell fabulous ❤️

  10. Nancysg

    Wishes for a joyful birthday and year ahead! Love the grand opening of your gift as shown in the pictures.

  11. Isn’t that beautiful? All of it. Dear, dearest Duncan. Oh, I just love the bag and ribbon and the whole nine yards of it. And deluxe chocolate, too. What a sensation: chocolate over your tastebuds and Nahéma in your nostrils. Heady stuff! A very happy birthday to you, dear Neil, our very favourite online writer.

  12. Renée Stout

    Happy Birthday to YOOUUUU!!!

    • Arigato. I need a detailed exchange about this vs the vintage. I know both and the distinct differences but would like it all verbalized

      • This might be to me, or to Renée? Don’t want to usurp her authority! 😉

      • To you, unless Renee also is a Nahema cognoscenta

      • As far as the edp goes (I also have the parfum, a 2003 bottle, but that strength was discontinued a little while ago, ridiculously) as you say, there are differences and they are distinct. (I just used up the last of my 20-year-old bottle of edp, but for the last couple of years had the luxury of leisurely comparing the two after I’d bought another in 2015. I would assume your bottle smells much the same as my most-recent one, which has the separate hole-y gold cover. So, those are my references.)

        The 1997 Nahéma had a sense of greater weight in an almost physical sense. Everything seemed heavier, more unctuous. The aldehydes were more pronounced, as were the damascones. The latter gave the impression of fruits that were darker, more jammy, although not at all sweeter. The sandalwood in this gave the impression of the smooth Mysore type, creamier, without the slight raspiness of the synthetics, though I’d imagine there was a percentage of synthetics used. There was more vanilla, more vetiver, and the base was deeper and more resinous. I think there might have been more patchouli. The whole thing was considerably stronger and more concentrated, and more tenacious.

        My 2015 is crisper, fresher, more vigorous. It’s not as purely rose-rich as it used to be. Yes, the hyacinth is beautiful in it. The base is more streamlined. I find it somehow more joyful, lighthearted. It’s more a string quartet and less an opera aria. Certainly less dramatic, and in a way it gains by that. And hmm, I’d call it more youthful as well. It’s been modernized in the best possible way. Guerlain has done a helluva job. It’s really glorious and gorgeous and Duncan has every right to feel chuffed for getting it for you.

      • This sums up my feelings precisely. I think I need both in my life (if ONLY I had a credit card, but then we all know that would be the end of me).

      • Yes. Credit cards can be the beginning of the end.

        But if you have the cash, it would be nice to have the aria as well as the quartet. I think this stuff ages well, so chances are it would be worth every rin. And if you could find an old bottle of extrait . . . (Strangely, though, that 2003 bottle of mine isn’t as powerful as I would have expected it to be, so I don’t know what’s up with that . . .)

        I must say, in Nahéma’s case, the new bottle and label suit it exceptionally well. You must be as chuffed as Duncan.

    • Thanks. Veritably middle aged now!

  13. KitKat

    The email notification I get from your blog hosting site said “It’s my birthday and I’ll Nah” in the subject line.


    I opened the email, scrolled down. Saw the photos of the wrappings, bag, logo and then, at last the bottle.

    The noise I made (really–out loud, alone on the sofa) was a hybrid of a gasp and a wail.

    I then indulged in a brief pure wail but quickly made my peace as I realized I couldn’t think of anyone in the world I would begrudge less–and be more happy for–than you for having been the lucky recipient of such a marvelous gift.

    Whew, that was more excitement than I expected on a Sunday.

    Many happy returns and upcoming happy Christmases wafting Guerlain Nahema (!!)

  14. fuckyouelegance

    HBD! I also recently got my Nahema two days ago, comparing it with Coco, Diva, Paris and Magie Noire, such a beauty!

  15. rosestrang

    Oh! Happy belated birthday wishes! (I was all swept up in painting for an exhibition).
    A fellow Sagittarian I see 🙂 Hope you had a marvelous Nahema-fragranced day, and that you have a wonderful, much deserved year of love, peace, success and good health!!

    • Thank you Rose. Just realized you are a rose.
      Do you ever wear them?

      • rosestrang

        The flowers? Not since a flamenco inspired moment in my mid teens! But perfumes I’m guessing you mean 🙂 With my name you’d think I’d find a signature rose – I’m always on the lookout for a perfect rose perfume but can’t say I’ve found it. I haven’t worn Nahema mind you, just sniffed from the bottle. I shall spray some on next time.

        I’m not so keen on rose soliflores – Sa Majeste la Rose I find impressive but it gets a bit harsh mid-way for me. Not keen on tea rose scents. I like Le Fille de Berlin but there is a metallic edge I find a bit tricky, I thought Attar de Roses by Meicheri (can’t remember exact spelling) quite perfect but a bit light.

        I’m looking for something that really reminds me of Turkish Delight, but most loukoum scents go for the almond angle, or too much sugar. I love the rose in Chanel 19 edp – it’s quite dewy (hedione maybe?). One of my favourite combinations though, is Bulgari Black with a few dabs of Bulgarian rose (the pure absolute that’s almost peppery and very intense).

        Actually another of my favourites is MFK’s Oud Silk Mood which has a lovely combination of rose, oud (prob synthetic) and some sort of musk. It’s one for evenings I think as it’s quite persistent.

        There are loads yet to try mind you. I think rose adds an elegant backbone to many a perfume. Do you have a particular favourite?

  16. Neil, my dear, I was just reading about someone who thought that Nahéma and Hermès Rouge had similarities. What are your thoughts? I know you’ve written compellingly about Rouge, and I have yet to try it myself. Thanks!

  17. emmawoolf

    Last day of the holidays and supposedly lesson planning (I keep getting distracted) and tidying/filing the office (a tip – am avoiding by working downstairs on laptop), I am revisiting all your key Guerlain reviews, because our local House of Fraser department store is closing down and, can you believe it, selling off all the Guerlain it owns, at half price. I never thought I would go for this one (previously allergic to peach, and have a love/hate relationship with rose), but I’ve been wearing a tester for two days and am so tempted. But then again, there is Vol de Nuit, L’Heure Bleue, Chant D’Aromes. Thoughts? xx

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