I NEVER wear scents like this. Never. But stinking, pre-shower, on a hot sultry afternoon here just before taking a bike ride to exercise the old legs,I decided to spritz myself with something, anything, so as not to offend any passersby I might encounter on the street with my stench. Something strong. And somehow, there was a quarter full bottle of vintage Gucci Nobile there by the bathroom sink, an unwanted throwaway that D had picked up for nothing at some recycle shop or other, and before I had even finished sniffing it I had sprayed it on my sweating T-shirt and was quite impressed by the pong. Real manly stuff.  Full of tight herbs and lavender; granite hard. And off we went.





Returning after my masculine bike ride and after my shower, strangely, I felt like wearing this again. God knows why. So I have sprayed it all over and it is suiting my mood. I feel kind of



















Quite sexy in a way. Nostalgically macho. But clearly well made.









This might not be the last time that I wear




















Do you ever go off on odd, irrational and unexpected scent tangents like this?


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  1. Katy McReynolds

    Yes! Old fashioned fougeres and chypres! From the depths of the linen closet, extra perfume storage, emerges Quorum and Pino Silvestre and Aramis Tuscany por Uomo and then I will inevitably want some Azuree. So I get it! I am sure you smell wonderful!

    • Tuscany. Ah. I shall have to write about that one as we still have a nice fresh bottle and it was one of the perfumes of my youth. A gorgeous scent, that one!

      And Quorum. Now you are making me REALLY nostalgic. I just had a flashback to my parents’ old house and could see the garden from the bathroom just reading it. I feel like I want to smell it again, from the bottle.

  2. Filomena

    These things happen to all us fragheads.

  3. OnWingsofSaffron

    I literally screamed with laughter reading the French ad: the utter tripe — „his sense of elegance, the endless raffinement, the tenderness of his glance.“ Then that rather boring, upper class version of a junior minister getting into a car.
    It says a lot about those times. (When was this? Post Margret Thatcher?)
    And now you‘d have a guy with thirty-three tattoos in a bleak setting.

    • I laughed too. Glad you liked it. He DOES look just like a junior minister. I got more of the third picture though (obviously!).

    • With the tattoos you mean how a perfume would be marketed now? I do often stop in my tracks and look at photos used in advertising, those blank stares….basically the expressions usually just look like extreme mental illness when what they are supposed to signify is extreme fashion.

      • OnWingsofSaffron

        Yes, like Johnny Depp and his „wurst“-face…
        These images: I guess it‘s a sign that I‘m getting older. The past is passé, and somewhat clichéed; the present doesn’t feel completely comfortable. It‘s a bit upsetting in a way. Where do I stand?

  4. Those moments strike me from time to time. A couple of scents I reach for at those moments are; Lancome Tresor, Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, or Kenzo Fleur. Not in my typical repertoire, but not terrible either.
    I remember Nobile, it smelt very confident, if that would be a way to describe it.

  5. Filomena

    I left out the actual name of the McQueen perfume…”My Queen” and made while he was still living.

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