Today I am writing about oceanics.

Do any of you like any marine scents I need to know about?


img_4350via PROBABLY THE MOST POPULAR PERFUME OF ALL TIME IN JAPAN……. “THE SURF ZOMBIES”: : : : : INSENSE ULTRAMARINE by GIVENCHY : : : : (1994 – present, in annual Japanese remixes)


September 1, 2018 · 1:48 pm

11 responses to ““THE SURF ZOMBIES”: : : : PROBABLY THE MOST POPULAR PERFUME OF ALL TIME IN JAPAN……. INSENSE ULTRAMARINE by GIVENCHY : : : : (1994 – present, in annual Japanese remixes)

  1. MrsDalloway

    Closest I get is vintage Dune – not very marine – and you need no introduction to that! The shower gel is gorgeous if you ever come across it.

  2. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    It seems like a contradiction in terms!
    I like the Picture!
    Association with wilting onshore seaweed
    and the colour and smell of dying yellyfish with a hint of driftwood and a gnashing of sand as coup de grace

    Oceanic: always my deodorant, pure salty
    And bath salts Stella Maris when I take a bath with my favourite Mermaid and plastic orca

  3. Tara C

    Not really marine, but I like Dune and Eau des Merveilles. The only really aquatic scent I liked was the discontinued Missoni Acqua, which I stupidly sold years ago. The other one I recently smelled and found pleasant was Goldfield & Banks Pacific Rock Moss.

  4. Leiann K

    Love Davidoff cool water. Not the women’s. I wear the men’s! Divine.

  5. The only “marine” scent I like is Hermes Eau des Merveiles Bleue. It’s really more mineral than marine.

  6. Amy

    I am sure you know about it but when I am in a certain mood I love Heeley’s Sel Marin. It’s a dark North Atlantic marine to me.

    • Yes! I had smelled it a long while back and thought it was a bit dull, but D sprayed on some on Saturday night and we both liked it enough for me to possibly buy it for his birthday which is coming soon. Very elegant village.

  7. Alise

    The only “marine” I own is the beautiful oddity Sogno Reale, from one of my favourite Italian indie perfumeries, Talismans, a sister company of Mendittorosa. Sogno Reale (“Real Dream”) is an evocative mix that opens with what can only be described as a briny “sea-urchin leather” accord and sunny bergamot, followed by a resinous amber, rum, a hint of tuberose, briny woods, and just enough hyraxium to dirty it up. This is the darker, balmier side of the aquatic/marine genre, more approachable & wearable for those of us who favour the denser orientals. Sogno Reale is special, and its unique, oceanic qualities are reflected in its packaging as well; the 100ml extrait de parfum bottle is adorned with artisan details (as are all Talismans & Mendittorosa bottles), including a sea urchin cap of handcrafted ceramic, and a large, golden-hued metal “dream mandala”, attached by a thin leather strap tied around its middle. The bottles are as much a pleasure to display as their contents are to wear, and Sogno Reale really does feel, as suggested by brand owner Stefania, like “a balm for the soul”. If you’re like me, and you’re convinced that you’d never find a marine scent you’d actually love, get your nose on this “amber aquatic”.

    *I realise this post reads like ad copy, but I assure you, apart from adoring the easy-to-love Stefania, I’m a big fan of her fragrances. It’s difficult to NOT describe them in detail.

  8. R.L.

    Dune Road by Min, Lys Méditeranée by Malle, and the original formulation of Acqua di Gio for women, please. 🙂

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