Oh. My. God.




Novichok, the poison that was smuggled into the UK to kill Russian ex-double agents (but ended up killing an innocent bystander) was carried inside a NINA RICCI PERFUME BOTTLE.










The sheer horror of it: finding an abandoned ‘perfume bottle’ in a charity bin, giving it to your partner, and then letting her unknowingly spray on a lethal nerve agent, directly onto the skin (she died a week later…).


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  1. MrsDalloway

    It’s hideous, isn’t it? The fake bottle had a weird long white nozzle which I think would tip you off that something was wrong, but not everyone is familiar with perfume bottles.

    • Of course not: and no one knows this perfume bottle either as far as I am aware – I don’t remember this being a big hit for Ricci. Just the sheer horror of the act that we do all the time, pleasurably spraying something on with anticipation and then it being a toxic poison…so horrible. I understand they had a mission to kill the spies, which is one thing, but to just leave it around for a completely unconnected person to find knowing they would probably use it…..

  2. Lady Murasaki

    Horrifying, I feel for this poor man… It isn’t all that surprising that the agents just abandoned the ”perfume bottle” and didn’t dispose of it properly (even to not be traced back to them). The poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko was incredibly messy and sloppy, with polonium contamination following the perpetrators wherever they went. It’s possible they didn’t really know what they were using or how it worked. I would even suggest they send agents they seem as highly replaceable to these missions.

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