AND HER TINY MOUTH PUKED: : ::: : : : : : POUPEE…………………………by ROCHAS

4A3A0AB9-081A-40BE-BE16-2126B26CA045.jpegIt’s a dark rainy day so indulge me

The Black Narcissus




Poupee was a peculiar little oddity that was released and quickly disappeared by the house of Rochas in 2004.


Liking the bottle and the box one day when coming across it browsing in the cheap-end bargain bin perfume section of some Japanese supermarket, I just couldn’t help reaching into my pocket, unsmelled, and buying it (that textural, felt orange flacon cap is really quite appealing to me). I also bought another one for my friend Claire just for good measure (‘Thanks for the er…….bizarre and insane little perfume’, I think she wrote in a letter sent sometime afterwards…..’I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it’.)

Neither were most people, apparently. Failing on the US market immediately because of the name (no-one seemed to know that it signified doll, and imagined instead that it evoked something more akin to ‘droppings’ or ‘doo-doo’),   this sweet, and pink-laced little creation was…

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