I need to leave the maelstrom of my life and just float about in places like this, or record shops, to leave the brain behind

The Black Narcissus













Watching ‘Only God Forgives’ on DVD again tonight – that lurid, oneiric, pungent, light-soaked film starring Ryan Gosling and Kristen Scott Thomas set in Bangkok, I find myself drifting back in my mind’s eye again to the backstreets of Jakarta, last August, where I had forgotten that I had found, quite unexpectedly and to my surprise, a vintage perfume shop, open at midnight, ‘selling’ rare and unwanted perfumes that probably nobody was ever going to buy: dusting and unloved, but proud and upright on shelves, which I tested for authenticity (they definitely weren’t fakes: that was real Monsieur Rochas).



We never found that same street again, but I fortunately did take a couple of photos, much to the older daughter’s consternation, as she barked out information to her older relatives, sitting out of view in the beyond of…

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3 responses to “JAKARTA GUERLAIN

  1. Filomena813

    I saw my old post here from 2014 and I am on a fairly big trip in ITALY. Completely zoning out because it will be over in less than a week. I only have purchased one bottle of perfume since I e been here. I do believe they are perfume lovers here because I seem to get wonderful whiffs everywhere.

  2. All these years later and I still wish I could have had the opportunity of being in that store with you. I would have definitely left with quite a few.

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