Le refuge: : : APRES L’ONDEE by GUERLAIN ( 1906 )

The Black Narcissus







Guerlain’s strange and exquisite Après L’Ondée has a cool, primeval innocence, yet a wise, sage, intuition; as new as a just-blossomed flower, but as ancient as its knowing, tearful DNA. The soft diluvial transparency it breathes makes the perfume by far the most natural and air-kissed of the classical Jacques Guerlains, while the unusual bouquet garni of anise, cassie, rosemary, heliotrope, carnation and hawthorn contrasting emotionally, and perturbingly, with the vanillic-lined silken flower dust beauty of its powdered iris, violet, mimosa and musks make the scent quietly Arcadian: mythological, almost in its shy but steadfastly feminine beauty. A poignancy: rainsoothed; unfathomed.



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12 responses to “Le refuge: : : APRES L’ONDEE by GUERLAIN ( 1906 )

  1. Filomena813

    Probably my favorite Guerlain. Appropriate for my stay in Taormina where there have been continual thunderstorms and downpours. Spending more time in the hotel room than anticipated and did not bring Apres L’Ondee with me unfortunately.

  2. Apres l’Ondee is one of the myths I will only sigh over, alas …
    I met with mimosa on the tree for the first time in Sicily, where I stayed in one of those Death in Venice hotels in Taormina, ages ago;
    and hawthorn is a favourite that I stack in my pockets and take out and smell and smell

  3. One of my favorite Guerlain fragrances. It is such a truly delicate wonder, it just seems to be bathed in melancholy.
    I have a huge bottle of the EDT, but have yet to find the extrait; well, at a reasonable price I should add.
    I have heard though that the extrait is a rather fleeting pleasure, not much lasting power to it.
    Do you find the extrait often, in the shops you frequent?

  4. larslatchkey

    Oh sorry, I just commented but apparently on the original post from 2016… I don’t understand this. Do you repost older posts and the new posts are listed separately from the original? You can delete this after responding ;P Sorry

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