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  1. emmawoolf

    So happy for you! Xx

  2. Wow, congratulations!! When do the rest of us see it?

  3. rprichpot


  4. Dubaiscents

    As we say in the Middle East, Mabrouk!! I can’t wait to read it!

  5. Tora

    I. Can’t. Wait.

  6. Ariane

    Who is the publisher? Can we pre-order on Amazon? Will there be a book tour? Details, please!

  7. MrsDalloway

    Excellent, can’t wait! Especially nice to have something to look forward to in late March.

  8. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    Congratulations on your creation!!
    I can’t wait to devour it from cover to covet.
    There was a very famous french-american 19th century salon celebrity, Nathalie Clifford-Barny who said, I quote: “ I believe in production, not in reproduction”. Famous last words!
    Anyhow, I’m so happy to read you for real in the paper flesh.

  9. MrsDalloway

    Amazon link for the Brits (no picture yet)

  10. Congratulations and will definitely be ordering it in March. ✨

  11. Renée Stout

    OMG! Congratulations Neil! I can’t wait to order this when it comes out. I have no signature scent as I have 300+ bottles of perfume and may never have one (although I do maintain a “top 25” list that rarely changes). I will order this book just to savor your writing and your views on perfume. I’m so happy for you!

    • Thanks Renee. I have always loved our exchanges. I do think this is probably best as a book for someone who knows nothing on the subject – a friend or relative you want to introduce the topic to, but it is still nice to just have in your hand and have a browse. As the title says, it is just ‘in search of’ – I am trying to ignite passion on the subject rather than create the guide to end all guides (which is impossible). I am sure you know way more perfumes than I do. I just want to revel in the SENSUOUSNESS of it all with the reader.

  12. Bravo!! (We saw it in Vegas at the show but couldn’t buy one yet!)

  13. Eric Love


  14. Phyllis Ann Iervello

    Congratulations Neil! I can’t wait to read it and hope it’s readily available in the U.S.

  15. Maggie Mahboubian

    Congratulation Neil! Can’t wait to read 🙂

  16. Well done! It must be such a thrill to receive it. Will look out for it.

  17. Ariane

    Thank you. I’ve just pre-ordered my copy on Amazon US. We get it a tad later — April 2.

  18. This is very, very exciting and I am SO relieved that you are happy with it. Was talking to a couple of my friends about it just the other day. X

  19. I have pre-ordered already.

  20. OnWingsofSaffron

    Great! Hope it also has wild and naughty bits in it! Will buy it the minute it is sold. I so very hope it‘ll be a great success: keeping my „thumbs pressed“ here in Germany.

  21. rosestrang

    Wonderful! Really look forward to reading it in March and I hope it’s all been worth the slog for you! I’m sure it will be for us, and that it will be a characteristically fascinating read. Many congrats!!

  22. Matty

    Well done, Neil. I really hope it sells well for you.

  23. Laurie Harbor

    Congratulations!! I’m a long time very loyal reader, but not, I’m afraid, a commenter. Your writing slays me – genius! I’ve especially enjoyed the tales of your travels recently. I just pre-ordered your book from Amazon. Can’t wait! I’m an obsessive perfumista with a ludicrous number of perfumes collected over several decades, so I don’t expect to find a signature scent, but I know without doubt I’ll relish every word you’ve written. Thank you!

    • And thank YOU for saying this. In truth, I would have liked it to have been three or four times longer. But there are natural and commercial parameters – and hopefully it is still something of a mini treasure trove for the person who is interested.

  24. David

    I can’t wait for this book. I hope it’s in brick and mortar bookstores when I visit the USA at the end of April.

  25. Ann

    Definitely buying this. Congratulations!!

  26. georgemarrows

    Ordered! How could I not?

  27. Just pre-ordered my copy from Amazon!

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