Many of us have days when we feel a bit rubbish. If not actual trash ( though ‘trash’ as an aesthetic genre in cinema and in TV and in music, has always had an inexorable pull for me).




The good thing about this brash, uplifting fruity  mishmash of a pop song is that it is at the very least not depressing. Using the depleted husks of essences that are usually deemed unusable,







this primary coloured concoction is upbeat, full bodied, and only very slightly hardboiling and unravelling at cynical seams.






Currently very popular, I have just been told, with girls in Ginza.





















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4 responses to “I AM TRASH by ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE (2019)

  1. Persolaise

    One of the many things on my To Do list is a review of this. Half of it is already written in my head and basically outlines my suspicion that the scent is Etienne De Swardt’s sly (?) dig at the perfumes beloved by so many twentysomethings these days: inane, fruity trash.

    • Exactly ! But it does smell quite nice, in a lurid kind of way. And as everything else in the Nose Shop in Ginza is self serious incense and the like, it made quite a pleasing contrast !

  2. Tara C

    The French name is so much more appealing, Les Fleurs du Déchet. But the scent sounds not at all to my taste.

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