My friend gave me some Shiseido Euthrixine soap.









It smells like old fashioned carbolic: medicated, but also quite floral and talcy: a bit Grosssmith Phul-Nan, ancient dream of  Heure Bleue.



Nice. But it’s a pity it can’t wash away the Michael Jackson documentary from my head.












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17 responses to “soap

  1. Nancysg

    I have come to realize that I am a soap person. I buy shower gel, but end up using it as a “finish coat”. What I truly enjoy is a foamy, great smelling bar of soap,

  2. Matty

    This soap sounds intriguing.

    • It is. My friend was given it by someone who was given it who didn’t want it (WHY?!!). I was leaving his house – which would give Marie Kondo a nervous breakdown – and saw this box upon leaving

      I love the way the paper wrapping gets scented by the soap within.

  3. Marianne

    This looks intriguing. I’d love to see your/other perfume writers’ lists of favourite soaps- there’s a world of great-smelling soaps out there, aside from the fragrance-to-soap ones. Might have to make my own list…

  4. hahaha! I am a soap snob. Love this wrapper!

  5. emmawoolf

    I was wondering whether this was a vintage soap, it’s so beautiful. So you’re saying, it’s a modern soap based on an old perfume? Very very lovely. I have a soap fetish. Claus Porto Almond is heavenly. Was brought up on Roger and Gallet carnation – we always took it on holiday with us. This could go on.

  6. I adore old soaps that have been kept hidden for decades. This one here looks glorious!

  7. MrsDalloway

    I got a pack of Nesti Dante soaps in TKMaxx and they are great. Currently on the ‘poppy’ (but it mostly just smells of expensive beautiful soap). Sandal Mysore soap as recommended by Bois de Jasmin is a staple. I also have some Gucci 1 soaps; the scent has faded a bit but still very nice.

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