The weekend is upon us.


Above is our ransacked junk and costume cupboard after an afternoon of preparation for what is certain to be an uproarious weekend of filming ; nuns, paparazzi, children and a smorgasboard of weirdos in the D’s grotesqueroona script.


We are on the train up to the Shinagawa Prince Hotel. Tonight is a friend’s birthday karaoke in Shinjuku; early tomorrow morning, sharp, gather the film crew and actors.


For perfume I am wearing what has been a recent weekend fetish ; Kenzo Pour Homme stick deodorant ( gorgeously saline and marine ) as well as the limited edition Kenzo Pour Homme Fresh edt from a few years ago sprayed lightly on my clothes.


On the wrists : vintage Paloma Picasso edp, which I adore for its pantherine, dark, ferality, and fuck you nightclub glamour; and on the chest, a couple of squirts of Montale Aromatic Lime – – deliciously long lasting and  with a saturnine sillage and ribbed, erotic density that protects and projects, the unifying factor being, obviously, patchouli.



Patchouli would be so verboten in the workplace the students would gag: it is therefore my Saturday assertion, my vernacular riposte : the earth, the depth, the display of the id – a release – but concealed under ostensible freshness


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8 responses to “PALOMA + KENZO

  1. David

    I just wanted to stop by and say that I keep a little notebook of things I glean from the internet. Of course, fragrance makes up a large part of my notes, mainly thanks to your blog. But also the movies you mention, like the Thai movies you recommended a while back. I appreciate your blog very much.

  2. Robin

    I can — almost — imagine the whole that must be greater than the sum of the parts. The pine and oakmoss of the Fresh with the animalics of Paloma with the zest of Montale Lime, linked by patch and maybe a bit of oakmoss, too. Mmm. Wish I could have caught a whiff in real life. A nicely radical departure from school-friendly scents.

  3. Oh, patchouli! *swoooon*

    I simply cannot grasp the scent through description alone. I may need to mimic your scent as best as I can.

    Good luck shine upon you for the filming.b

  4. Sounds like an unpredictable and wonderful perfume mix, Neil.

  5. matty1649

    Paloma Picasso and the Lime mix sounds interesting. I’ll bet you smelt fab.

    • The lime in the Lime is almost negligible, it is a very chypric aromatic patchouli that rumbles under the surfaces nicely with other scents. I have always thought Kenzo Pour Homme is by far the most interesting of all the modern fresh masculines : almost indescribable in its unique weirdness

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