the nonchalance of gardenias




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7 responses to “the nonchalance of gardenias

  1. Nancysg

    My Grandmother had a gardenia plant in her house for years. It was a treat to show up when it was blooming. My brother also grew gardenias inside and the whole house would be scented. I found Gardenia Grand Soir by Pierre Guillaume to be the most reminiscent of the experience of the beautiful white flowers wafting inside. Your pictures reminded me of these people who are now gone, but remembered with scent.

  2. Robin

    The nonchalance of gardenias. Yes. Love how you do a 180 on the clichéd perception of formality and hauteur. Much better. I love them, from their voluptuous reality in nature to the their supernatural glamour in compositions like Chanel Gardénia (which I find naive and charming, too: absolutely and perfectly nonchalant) and Miss Dior.

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