luxurious company

I always had a slight thing about being pilestocked in Harrods



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22 responses to “luxurious company

  1. Robin

    Best-looking book of the bunch.

  2. Tara C

    You must be so chuffed. 🙂

    • I am just pleased to see it in a PILE.
      Most bookshops, if they have it at all, just have one or two copies

      ( pleased that the pile is low too).

      Incidentally, if anyone who has the book fancies posting a review on Amazon I would be very grateful !

  3. Phyllis Ann Iervello

    Fantastic…and your book stands out from the crowd, not only the book cover, but the contents inside.

  4. Persolaise

    This is amazing! Huge congrats!!!

    And what a tastefully composed photo. That subtle inclusion of the Harrods name. The alluring angle at which the books have been presented. The magnetic inclusion of the Narnia-esque door. Clearly, tons of thought went into it.

  5. Congrats, I bought your book and really love it

  6. I spotted your book in Ghent, Belgium yesterday. It’s everywhere!

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