She wanted leather.







Tom Ford hadn’t entirely worked.






Germaine Cellier’s creation sent her into a delirium  (tremens)





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  1. David

    I remember the first time I discovered vintage Miss Dior. I hope no one back then thought it was a perfume for young mademoiselles. Holy smokes I got all perky down below.

  2. Robin

    Swoon-worthy for sure, especially the square bottle of partum with the black label straddling the corner.

    • !!!!

      What a brilliant way of putting it. I adore Miss Dior, but it smells vile on me for some reason – in particular that dry down. Pretty Lady smells damn good though – and the vintage edt I have is so elegant and mesmerising.

      • This was for David, sorry.

        As for that Balmain bottle: YES, it is fetishsome in itself. I love everything about the design and the contents. Karen loved it immediately and couldn’t stop smelling herself.

  3. I adore Jolie Madame!!! I wore it the other day and my husband, who just usually offers the usual “it’s nice”, actually loved it. He kept saying that it smelled amazing, which is rare. I guess that’s proof of how glorious this scent is. I am not surprised in the least that Karen was swooning over it.
    I do have to admit, about Miss Dior which was mentioned in a comment, Miss Dior smells fabulous on me. I am a 1940’s type of girl.

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